Color my life with lots of love :)

I am a wife of a man, who went to the same high school in Japan. We have just got married and have been planning to have kids sometime in the future (maybe in 2-3 years from now). I’ve always loved babies and kids. They are always cute and nobody doubts it.

After I got married and moved to California, America, my life has changed completely. Before, I was a workaholic and I rarely cooked or made anything by myself, but I now love cooking and making handmade things.I learned crochet when I was very little from my mom, and started exploring a lot more after getting married to my husband. I’m so into creating some pretty things for myself, my family and people I love. Crochet has become one of my passion. Designing everything from a scratch and creating what I love to who I love is so much fun!!!


I believe that “LOVE is much more precious than MONEY”. This is why I started making things by myself. I’d love to decorate my life with what I’ve made with lots of love 🙂

The more I’ve worked on my projects, the more I’ve felt to share them with other people. This is why I started this blog. I would like this place to be a showcase for my works and where I can post many other things. I hope many girls, parents, parents-to-be and all the others will enjoy and get inspired while visiting my blog 🙂

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