The Most Loved Flying Bread

This is one of my favorite beanies which I’ve created recently!! They will absolutely look pretty on a baby 🙂 Do you know who he is??

Anpanman FrontAnpanman Side

This is a Japanese popular anime hero, “Anpanman”. Everyone who has grown up in Japan knows him and many kids love him. Back in Japan, I’ve seen many kids with Anpanman-printed clothes, shoes, bags, some sweets and a lot more other things!! His face is made of red-bean bread, so many Japanese bakery have Anpanman-shaped bread. If you have a chance to go to a Japanese bakery, please ask them if they have Anpanman-shaped bread 🙂

This anime has been really popular in Japan for so long (for more than 20 years), but I have never seen this in California… I think children here would love him if they had a chance to watch him on TV!! (I’m not sure what is a “must-know” hero character here in the US…)

After spending some days with him, I said goodbye to him and he is now with a cute 2 year-old boy 😀 I hope they are getting along well!!

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