Dinosaur or Monster?

The easy-to-follow crochet pattern for this pretty and unique dinosaur beanie is now available on Craftsy and Etsy!! If you are interested in, please come visit my shop below 🙂

button_craftsy button_etsy


One day, I was thinking what kind of beanie I should make for one of my friends’ daughter… She is very powerful and very clever for a 3 year-old girl. At the very same time, I saw a picture in which she put a dragon face paint on herself while other girls put a cat, a butterfly or some other cute animals paint. How artistic she is and what a unique taste she has!! This dragon painting inspired me and I wanted to make something unique for her, so I’ve decided to make a dinosaur beanie. I wanted to use her favorite color, green, and some “girl” colors as well (so that this cap won’t look so boyish).

dinosaur beanie

When I gave it to her, she named this beanie “Mon-chan” after a monster… At that moment, my dinosaur became a monster. Anyway, she played with this “Mon-chan” and I was happy to see that 🙂

A girl with a dinosaur beanie

I hope she will grow up to be very unique and more powerful than other boys!!! Enjoy your life as a girl♡

A dinosaur from the behind

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