Zebra Beanie

Here is what I’ve made for one of my friends’ 1 year-old son soon after I taught myself how to crochet. Her husband likes simple style, so I wanted to make something simple, but something still cute on a baby. In Japan, this year (2014) is a year of a horse, so I thought something related to a horse would be good, bringing a good luck to their little baby. Then, I’ve made up my mind making a zebra beanie πŸ™‚

A zebra beanie

It’s simple but still you can see that it’s a zebra, isn’t it? As usual, I took a picture of my cap on my stuffed cow. Yes, he looks great!! I added mane between the ears. Which do you like, with the mane or without? I personally prefer it with the mane.

A zebra beanie on my stuffed cow

Then, here is how my friend’s handsome boy wears it!! He is just adorable!! He doesn’t cry much when he stays with some strangers like me, so I like him a lot!! While I was searching on zebras, I found that zebras didn’t get along with human… oh boy!! Unlike zebras, please get along well with others, my dear!!! πŸ™‚

A zebra beanie with a handsome!!

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