A Symbol of GIRL

What character do you think is the symbol of girl??

I would say… Hello Kitty 🙂

When I was little (about 20 years ago… wow time flies!!), I was not really a “Kitty girl”, but she was already very popular. I can still see lots of Hello Kitty everywhere even here in California!! I’ve got really amazed by her popularity 😀 Do you know that wherever you visit in Japan, you can find regional Hello Kitty goods!! (We call them “Gotochi Kitty-chan”.) I have many friends who like to correct these goods!! So, if you like Hello Kitty and if you have a chance to visit Japan, why don’t you try to find and collect the Gotochi Kitty goods??

Baby Beanie: Hello Kitty Beanie

Hello Kitty’s weight is same with 3 apples and her height is same with 5 apples!! Wow. I’m not sure how many apples I need to describe my weight… I wouldn’t like to think about it… 😦

Hello Kitty on my stuffed cow

I think my stuffed cow is now satisfied with Miss. Pretty!!

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