A girl's birthday present♡

I was invited to one of my friends’ daughter’s birthday party this weekend! She turned into 3 years old now!! I’ve been thinking what kind of thing a 3 years old girl would like… I asked my mom over Skype. Then, we thought about an accessory!! Yes! NO GIRL dislikes accessories!!!

She has short hair, so hair accessory wouldn’t stay on her well-treated healthy hair. What would be good… well, a necklace!! It was my first time to make a necklace with crochet, so it took time to figure out how to make nicely… I think the outcome is quite good 🙂

Girl's Accessory!! Anpanman Necklace.

Can you recognize this smily guy? He was also here!!

My stuffed cow also looks quite happy with him around his neck.

Character necklace

The Anpanman necklace is in a gift-box waiting to see his new friend!!

A birthday gift to my lovely friend :)

He met a girl finally, and for me, those two looked super cute together!! I hope my little friend will enjoy this accessory 🙂

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