RECIPE: Healthy Sweets For Summer ♡

I guess carrots may be one of the vegetables which lots of children find it difficult to eat. I often go grocery shopping on the weekend with my husband, and there, I try to buy lots of vegetables. I almost always ask him if he would like to eat them, and carrots are the thing he usually says “no”…

Carrots are really healthy food though!! Carrots contain lots of β-carotene, and this is where the name “carrot” actually came from. This β-carotene will be converted into active Vitamin A in human body and this brings us lots of good effects.  I would summarize the good effects of  β-carotene as follows:

  • to improve skin color and may reduce wrinkles (if you do not eat too much)
  • to boost the effectiveness of sunscreen
  • to protect the mucous membrane, which results in reducing allergies

There are a few things you have to be careful when you eat carrots since they contain an enzyme which destroys Vitamin C. This enzyme has a low tolerance for “heat” or “citric acid”, so it is better to heat carrots or to have them with lemon or vinegar. Heating carrots will also increase the amount of β-carotene we absorb in our body.


Now, we know more or less about carrots 🙂 As a child, I also didn’t like carrots and my mom sometimes made jelly with carrots so that I could eat them. So, I decided to prepare some for us. I got the recipe from my mom and converted it to my way 🙂 My husband liked it, so here, I will share the recipe!! I hope you will enjoy it ♡

Carrots & Lemon Jelly

◆Ingredients◆ (serving size: about 10)


If you have some organic lemons, you may use the skin as a container 🙂


1. Wash lemons and cut them in half (if you use them as a container) and squeeze lemon juice. You may take off all the thin skins inside the lemon.

lemon juice

2. Wash carrots well and grate them.

shredded carrots

3. Put gelatin powder into a bowl and add 2 Tbs of water. Leave them for a few min to let the gelatin powder absorb the water.

4. Put “1”, “2” and 1 1/3 cup of water in a sauce pan, and add sugar. Cook them over low heat for about 5 min and stir well to dissolve sugar.

lemon/carrots/water/sugar Mixture

    • You will check the taste here. If you like sweeter, you may add another 1 or 2 Tbs of sugar.

5. Turn off the heat. Add “3” into “4” and stir them very well.

6. Pour “5” into a container and keep them in a fridge until they get harder for about 3 hours.

    • I also like to keep them in the freezer and eat them frozen!! This would become similar to a sorbet.

♡ DONE ♡

Bon appetit!!


Hmmm… yummy!! I think this is really refreshing and thus, good for summer 🙂 I also like this orange color!!

Oh, I wish I had a lemon tree at home likewise lots of other people who have houses here… One day when we get our own house, I would love to have the tree!! 😀