Decorating his work space :)

Last weekend, my family and our friends went to the Lake Tahoe 🙂 It was my first time to go there and I had so much fun with nice people around me!!

After spending some days there, here I came back to the normal life. Yesterday, I was feeling so empty staying at home all by myself during the daytime that I decided to decorate my house to cheer me up 😀



We live in an apartment and we can’t really make any holes on the wall so that we can’t really hang things on the wall… So, our walls stay simple for now. I thought this would be a nice decoration around his work space 🙂 I attached those colorful letters with a double-faced tape. Doesn’t it look a little bit fun?

Work space

When he came back home, he noticed the change immediately and he liked it 😀 I’m happy ♡♡♡

I think there are some people who have the same kind of interior decoration problems with mine. So, I’ll think of a good way of decorating the house without making a hole on the wall or anything. I’ll keep posted how to decorate the house colorful 🙂 ♪♪

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