A Cute Marine Style Fashion

The easy-to-follow crochet pattern for this pretty cotton summer hat is now available on Craftsy and Etsy!! If you are interested in, please come visit my shop below 🙂


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Especially in summer, I like a marine style fashion. So, I had been thinking about the marine style sun hat for quite some time. I thought I would definitely go for a striped hat, but it took time for me to figure out how to make a nice seamless surface with more than one color. Then, I wanted to put an anchor logo somewhere on the hat, but it also took time for me to think about the pattern. After seeing those things together, I thought I would need some more colors, so I chose three colors to decorate the hat -white, navy and red!! Then the hat came out quite nice 😀 (Or is that only me who think so?)

Marine Style Sun Hat

My friend told me that those three colors reminded her of the American Flag. Oh, it’s also good to celebrate the upcoming July 4th then 😀

Marine 3

My friend’s daughter wear the sun hat really nicely!! She is really fashionable and her fashion really goes well with the sun hat 😀  ♡
I think I would love to wear the same kind of fashion with her 😀 I just love this style including the hat ♡

Marine 1

She is a really good model, and also she is a wonderful photographer! 😀

Marine 2

The little cute photographer runs everywhere to capture nice photos with her camera!!

Marine 4

Oh, she loves flowers 😀

Marine 5

She also likes trains! She also waves her hand to a train 🙂 I will be happy if I see her from the train!!

Marine 6

Now the little photographer has to go back home after working a lot!! So, she has her pretty backpack on her back… ♡ How lovely!!
I just like her a lot 🙂 ♡ Thanks for smiling and thanks for calling my name with your lovely voice ♡♡♡

2 thoughts on “A Cute Marine Style Fashion

  1. Ingrid says:

    I have just copied your patterns for the crochet anchors and look forward to making them on my holiday.
    Your little photographer is SOOOOO pretty! Love the hat, too, and my two year old granddaughter’s favourite colour is yellow! Red, white and blue is not just the USA flag colour but the colour of so many countries (including my country of The Netherlands and also of the UK, which is where I live). On top of that: what is more nautical than red, white and blue!
    Thank you for sharing your patterns and the photos!
    p.s. have you got the pattern for the hat, too?
    Best wishes, Ingrid


    • natsu says:

      Hi Ingrid,
      Thank you for your lovely message!! I’m super happy to read your comment!
      Well, yes, that’s right. Red, white and blue is for many countries’ flag color!!
      Wow, you are in the UK! I lived there for a while when I was still a student 🙂 I wish I could visit there again! I’m still happy to be connected to the people who are living there through blogging!
      As for the Netherlands, this is one of my “want to go places”! I hope I’ll visit there some day!
      Thank you so much for buying the hat pattern 🙂 I’m sure your granddaughter will be happy with your hat! Please let me know if you need me with reading the pattern.
      Best wishes, Natsu


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