My love for bows, pearls and something feminine ♡

I love something feminine!! I love flower prints or bows ♡

I think these hair bows are one of my favorite kind 🙂 Those shapes and the center pearls are so good!!

all colors


Examples of how to wear them 🙂

Half up hair styles 🙂 The color of the bow gives you a different impression!

red bow

beige bow


You may use it on top of the ponytail!! All you need is just a plain rubber band to tie your hair and add this barrette ♡

stripes bow


I think it’s also nice to have them with your best friends  in their favorite colors 😀

black and blown bow

beige and navy bow


The backside of the bow is attached to a french barrette. Barrette itself measures 1.9″ (4.8cm) and the bow measures 4″ (10cm x 4.7cm).

the backside


I’ve been making these barrettes for my friends as gifts… My friends smily face made me so happy!!

Birthday gifts with love


Now, I’ve started selling them on my shop!! I’ll be happy if you could take a look there ♡


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