Christmas cakes!!

Recently, I noticed that Safeway had a quarter gallon size of heavy cream… you know, this is the time to bake some at home for your family and friends 🙂 So, I bought this big container 😀

Huge!! Whipping cream

Well, now I have a lot of heavy cream, so why don’t I bake some Christmas cakes?? 🙂
Here is what I’ve made for this Christmas 😀


Just in case, if you are interested in how to bake them, I’m introducing the rough procedures.

First, whip the egg white and make meringue. Add sugar and egg yolk, and mix them very well. You can see if it is enough or not by putting a tooth pick on the center. If the tooth pick doesn’t fall down, it’s ready.


After adding some flowers, bake them in the oven. Then, the sponge cake is done.


This time, I wanted to slice the sponge into 4 sheets, so I had to let them cool down so that it’s going to be easier to be cut.

Let the sponge chill for a while

After slicing the sponges into 4 sheets, place one of them in a bowl.

Cut a sponge and put them in a bowl!

Then, add some fillings in the bowl.

Put stuffing.

I made some layers so that we can enjoy some flavors in one bite, by putting raspberries, cheese-cream mousse and blackberries.

Making some layers.

Then, cover the bowl with another sheet of sponge. Now all you have to do is wrap them with a plastic wrap and let them chilled in the fridge.

Covering the bottom part

Now, it’s done 😀 After decorating the outside, it will look professional 😀


As a decoration, I made “strawberry people”. The face is made with apples.

Strawberry people

Our christmas cake is done!!


This is the second cake with the matcha (green tea) creams (before finishing the decoration though) !!


Now, all the decoration is done! I quite like the roses made of apples.

More decoration done!

Merry Christmas!! Happy baking for people you love ♡

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