What I love to wear in the kitchen ♡

Do you wear an apron when you cook? I almost always wear my apron in the kitchen!! Why do I wear it? A part of the reason might be because I always make a mess when I cook, but the main reason is because I feel very motivated to cook when I wear it.

My sister asked me to make one for her some time ago, but I hadn’t done it until very recently when I had made up my mind. Yes. Let’s make an apron for my lovely sister!!!

I am a very beginner with the sewing machine so that I can’t do anything fancy or complicated… So, I’ve decided to imitate one of the simple aprons from my apron collection.

The image of the apron I’d like to make has been decided, using pink dots fabric as an accent.


Okay. Let’s start! First, to cut the flower print fabric. As you can see, I used my apron as a pattern.


I was so lazy that I just folded the fabric in the center and cut them together. Now, I have the symmetric fabric 😀


Here, the sewing part begins. I started with the tiny parts, to make pink dots’ strings.


The most complicated part in this apron was probably the neck part…?


Then, after working on it little by little, my apron is done!!


I hope my sister will like this apron, and this will make her cooking time enjoyable!! 😀


Wow… sewing is a lot of fun and I can see a lot of potential!! I have a lot of things to learn on it but I’m looking forward to exploring a lot more with my sewing machine ♡

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