Workshop – wall decor :)

I hosted a workshop today and its theme was to make their own wall decor. I’m actually really really happy with what other attendees have made today!! I think I would prefer their works to my original ones. You will see what I mean… lol

Here, these are my original work of wall hanging letters.


Then after my brief explanation, they picked up their favorite colors of yarns and started making lots and lots of knots with the yarn. There were just three of us (plus a little gentleman) today, so I could help them a little more than usual.


Well, we worked quite a lot of hours, but this little man had really been a good boy for the whole time. He even tried to help her mom with crocheting 😀 GREAT JOB!!!


TADAAAAA!! One of my friends has made it today with her little angel’s name on it. It’s really cute!! I thought it would be nice to sew them on a bag or put them on the door.


She told me that her son just got a tent recently, and she could put them on his tent!! Well. sounds nice!

Then after she went back home, she sent me this picture. How adorable!!!!! The color combination is super ♡


Here, this is an impressive work done by the other friend. She really put a lot of effort in it and I think it worth it!! I would like to hung this on my bathroom door instead of my “bath” signs… :p It’s really cute and those colorful colors brightens up the room!!


Over all, it was really a good day with a lot of happy talking, good lunch, good works done with happy people!! Thank you for coming today ♡

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