Let me introduce my eco-friendly little people

I haven’t properly introduced my little people!! Please let me introduce them to you 🙂


They always sticks together on my couch. How cute…

Some of you might probably wonder how they were born… Now, I’d like to show the process and you will understand why I call them “eco-friendly”.

These are what I’ve used to make a little bunny. My old camisole and my husband’s well-worn T-shirts.


Here, I’ve already made her face 🙂 For the nose, I used my crochet skills 😀 The eyes were made of felt.
By the way, the wall decorations are done by my little friends, who were only 3 year’s old. I kind of like it as an art!


Here, I’ve got her body. Except for the very top part, I quickly saw with my sewing machine. After I put stuffing, I sewed the top part by hand.


I thought the bunny would be ashamed of not wearing anything, and also she looked too plain without any clothes, so I made something to wear for her. The neck strap of my camisole matches perfectly on her!!


Now, these are what I used to make “Oji-san” (we call a middle-aged man as “oji-san” in Japanese)- my old summer dress and my husband’s old T-shirt.


I’ve started from his face. First put everything on one side of the face-shaped fabric.


After sewing two sheets of face fabric inside-out, turn inside out and put the stuffing. Now the face is done.


He is done. I made him a bow tie with a pink yarn as an accent.


I came up with the idea of making them because I had lots of old clothes which I could use for a crafting. I’ve made good friends to hung around in my living room with me instead of my husband, who always stays in front of his PC… Now they are not only good friends of mine but also good friends for my little visitors!!


They do baby-sit for my little friends 😀 Cute ♡♡♡
Awww… ouch.!! Oh well, baby-sitting is not an easy job!!


I think they do well with baby-sitting overall… ♡


I hope you two will be loved by lots and lots of people ♡

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