Gifts to my friends' babies :)

A lot of my close friends are now getting to be moms. A week ago, three of us decided to meet for lunch and the other two were new moms. Then, I wanted to give them something I made. After considering a while, I looked for a  baby shoes pattern on Etsy and I’ve bought a pattern on TwoGirlsPatterns shop.

I followed the instruction and then, I’ve got two pairs of cute booties!! One is for my friend’s baby girl and the other is for my friend’s baby boy 😀


It was my first experience to make pairs of baby shoes!! I was really happy that the moms liked them when I gave these 🙂


For these two pairs, I followed the instruction for 0-6month’s baby. But 4 month baby’s feet were bigger than I thought and I think I should have tried for 7-12month’s baby pattern for her. Babies grow up really fast!!


This is how it looks on a 2 month baby. Cute! But it’s easily slipped off from the feet, so I think I should probably add straps for him 🙂

Thanks Kris and Lorin for a cute pattern!! They have lots of cute baby shoes’ pattern, so if some of you are interested in those, please check their website and shop 🙂

Happy crocheting ♡

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