Wrap Bracelet Wokshop -vol.3-

Today, I held a wrap bracelet workshop 🙂 I had four ladies today 🙂

I didn’t take much photos but we spent a good time today!! Three of them were first time for me to see, but they were really nice and fun ladies 😀 “Birds of a feather flock together”!!

Unfortunately one lady had to leave earlier before finishing her work, but I hope she’ll finish it sometime soon at home and I will have a chance to see her work when it’s done!!
Now, let me show you beautiful works of the other three women ♡

This is one of the ladies’ work! Black leather with clear black/ silver/ transparent and pearl beads. It already matches with her outfits 😀
I feel like making a black based bracelet for me as well since I don’t have any. It’s cute!!


Two ladies made similar kinds of bracelets. One is beige leather with transparent/silver and turquoise beads. The other is beige leather with transparent/ clear brown and turquoise beads. Just a bit of difference -silver or clear brown- makes a difference in impression! 😀


Backside of them… Did you notice that she put a beautiful nail art on her nails? 😀 They are peacock!!
I like to put nail arts but since I do lots of crafting works, recently I just keep my nails short and plain…


Summer is coming, so I could also put some nail arts on my nails ? 😉
I hope they will have lots of opportunities to wear those beautiful handmade bracelets!!!

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