Another tulle skirt making adventure

After I made my very first tulle skirt, I was reading a Japanese blog written by a fabric store owner. It’s so fun to see how a very beginner master the sewing techniques!! He said something like “repetition is the closest way to the success”, so I decided to continue this skirt making adventure a little bit more. This time, I wanted to make the length a little shorter and had to get fabrics by myself.

So, I went to a fabric store to get several fabrics. There were plenty types of fabrics. Even just for tulles, there were probably a hundred to chose from.

fabric store

It was quite difficult to get the right fabric. Some are too thin, some are too rough, some are too thick… Also, the colors… aww.fabric store -cotton

I was trying my best to chose the right one.

fabric store 3

Then, finally I got them. For the tulle skirt, I decided to go with light gray. Also, I bought a knit fabric for later to make a long skirt. Overall they costed about $25. ($9.99/yard for the cotton fabric, $5.59/yard for the tulle, $9.99/yard for the knit)


First, I had to soak the fabric and do the ironing, but I was lazy to do the soaking part. So I skipped that part, and instead, I sprayed a water on it and did the ironing.

gray fabric with oji-san

skirt- ironing

I learned how important the cutting part is, and I used some new methods with that, so I think my cutting skill has improved! 🙂

skirt- cutting fabrics with scissors

The point is “not to move the fabrics, but let myself move”.

skirt- cutting

Then, finally, the sewing part! Yay! 🙂 Using clips was really convenient and it helped me to save time compared to using pins.

skirt - using clips

When I finished sewing the most difficult part, I realized that one of the parts were sewn with the wrong-side up…

skirt - wrong way...

So, I had to undo!! It took me almost an hour to get back here… 😦 I wanted to cry…

skirt - bring it back

Anyway, I finished making it. It looks like this 🙂 Seems like the little man is also happy!!

skirt - done

I now have two new skirts 🙂 ♡

skirt -2 types


* total time : 6 hours
* cost : $17 for fabrics

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