Collaborating with art gallery

I met an art gallery owner and he suggested me to collaborate and hold a craft & art meet-up there. As our first attempt, I held a wrap bracelet making workshop there.

gallery photo.jpg

This is how it looks like in the studio and our work space 🙂

gallery photo 2.jpg

This is how we worked 🙂

meetup wrap bracelet.jpg

Then, This is what we get in the end 🙂

Beige brown cord x blue beads. She had blue necklace and it matched well 🙂


Brack cord x pink and white beads. Her theme was “elegant” 🙂


Dark brown cord x wood and pearl beads. The choice of the button was also good 🙂


We had fun, getting together and sharing the passion for the craft 🙂

Thank you for those who participated the event! I’ll be looking forward to having another crafting event with you ♡

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