Holiday Boutique 2015 in Los Altos

I helped to run “Holiday Boutique 2015” as one of the organizers this year. We did that to raise awareness of what CASA, Child Advocates of Silicon Valley, was doing and also for fund-raising. I’ve heard that there are more than 1,600 foster children in Santa Clara county only and they definitely need more volunteers to help those children.

We started planning the event from June and had several meetings for 5 months. It was a lot more work than I’ve expected but now when it’s finished, I’m so relieved and I feel so happy that I’ve done this. I’m happy that I have spent quite a bit of my time for a good cause!!

Also, I’ve found out that there are so many kind and generous people out there!! Some people have helped to advertise our events, some people spent extra money on donation and so on.

With nearly 15 other local artists, I’ve also displayed many types of jewelry there. It was so interesting to see what types of things were popular.


Now, I have to rearrange my Etsy shop according to my survey!! I need to add things that were popular on the event day!

What really interesting to me was to connect with other local artists!! It’s always nice to be connected to nice people 😀

I haven’t hold any workshops for several months now, but one big event is over. So, I’m happy to do something for my craft passionate friends 🙂


I’m now very motivated for our next year’s event. I hope we will make this boutique more exciting places!!

If any of you are interested to run the event with us as a volunteer, please contact me 🙂

Happy New Year 2015 :D

It’s been a week since the new year, 2015, has started!!! But, better late than never!! So, here I say, “Happy new year!! Hope everyone who visit my blog will have a wonderful and adventurous year in 2015!”

I am so glad to share this with you… On the very end of 2014, one of my free patterns got ranked in “Top 20 Free Crocheting Pattern” on Craftsy!!


This is a small achievement, but I hope I will achieve something more in 2015 😀

Ranked in Top 14!!

Happy creating something cute for your loving people ♡

Color my life with lots of love :)

I am a wife of a man, who went to the same high school in Japan. We have just got married and have been planning to have kids sometime in the future (maybe in 2-3 years from now). I’ve always loved babies and kids. They are always cute and nobody doubts it.

After I got married and moved to California, America, my life has changed completely. Before, I was a workaholic and I rarely cooked or made anything by myself, but I now love cooking and making handmade things.I learned crochet when I was very little from my mom, and started exploring a lot more after getting married to my husband. I’m so into creating some pretty things for myself, my family and people I love. Crochet has become one of my passion. Designing everything from a scratch and creating what I love to who I love is so much fun!!!


I believe that “LOVE is much more precious than MONEY”. This is why I started making things by myself. I’d love to decorate my life with what I’ve made with lots of love 🙂

The more I’ve worked on my projects, the more I’ve felt to share them with other people. This is why I started this blog. I would like this place to be a showcase for my works and where I can post many other things. I hope many girls, parents, parents-to-be and all the others will enjoy and get inspired while visiting my blog 🙂