Art in everywhere…!!

The other weekend, I went to Santa Cruz to enjoy a short hike with my friend’s family 🙂


It was a beautiful day. The ocean view was so beautiful that I would like to recommend you to go there and enjoy the beauty of the nature.

To my surprise, we saw several wild dolphins!! I’ve seen them when I went on a whale watching in Monterey Bay, but at that time, I was really feeling bad on the boat and I couldn’t enjoy the view at all. This time, I was feeling super fine and I was really excited to see them when they jumped up from the ocean surface!!

I was trying to take their photos, but it was hard… not really successful. Instead of that, I caught funny seagulls 😀 One seagull is on the other’s back, and they kept like that for a few minutes. It was really cute 😀


For the people who are interested in this coastal trail, I’m leaving notes below.

Old Cove Landing Trail – Wilder Ranch State Park
Difficulty : Easy
Length : 2.6miles
Duration : 1-3 hours

Parking lot : $10/car
NOTES : Very family friendly.

On that evening, after enjoying the strong sunshine, I was tired and wasn’t really feeling like cooking dinner. Then, suddenly, this came up in my mind!! Curry art!! 😀


How cute!! When I decided to do the “art work” instead of cooking, I was happy and not tired anymore!! I was excited to do that and I couldn’t stop smiling !!!

I was really proud of myself when I called my husband for dinner and showed these art works!! 😀 (But, I was a little bit sad to eat them up…)


Little tricks can make my life so much happier and easier ♡♡♡

I hope to explore more and more happy tricks and share them with you 😀

French night :) NatsuRina Kitchen – Vol.1 ♡

I’ve celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary today 🙂

I can’t believe that it’s already been a year passed since our wedding day!! We had really a good meal in the city, and I hope to spend this wedding anniversary filled with love, happiness, laughter and joy for ever with you 😀 ♡

Thank you for being such a wonderful husband to me 🙂

Wedding anniversary


A few days ago, I and my good friend cooked together for our husbands. Our theme was to cook something we didn’t cook very often and to make our husbands surprised and impressed 🙂 ♡ We secretly planned our meals, and cooked everything on the day !!!

We cooked al lot!!! This is my friend, steaming the shrimp mousse 🙂 I had so much fun to cook with my friend, but we were a little bit stressed to set up everything by the time our husbands got back home … 😦

We cooked a lot


After cooking everything except for the main beef, we prepared the table 🙂 We also prepared paper fans for guys since it was extremely hot that day!!

The table setting


The place card. Inside the card, I put short “thank you” messages to my partner 🙂

Place card


This was the menu for the day!!



Here we go!! “Mousse of green vegetables and shrimps”. Everyone got amazed how good it tasted!! 🙂
Can you notice that we poured a little bit of love on the plate? Actually the guys didn’t notice… maybe look closely on the plate around the left-top corner? 🙂

Appetizer 1- mousse


Bagna cauda dip with assorted vegetables and shrimps. The anchovy did really a good job!!! Yummy 🙂

Appetizer 2- Vegetables


Asparagus soup. There were lots of asparagus, onions and celery in it. Healthy and tasty!!

All those appetizers went really well with a bottle of white wine 🙂



Then, for the main dish, we prepared beef steak!! Of course, we had a red wine with the meal 🙂



Then, we had a dessert plate 🙂

We prepared mille-feuille!! We placed a little bit of carrot jelly, ice-cream and peach aside. We had a cup of coffee and tea 🙂



The night was brilliant!! We, the chefs, enjoyed cooking and tasting all the dishes and the boys looked enjoyed our meals with nice bottles of wines 🙂

We did French dinner, so maybe we’d try some other nationalities’ dinner and make our husbands surprised again 😀 ♡