After about a week, I had a second lesson on a flower mat making with one of my students 🙂

She’s studying at a college for her master’s degree in the early morning as well as in the evening, so I was wondering if she could finish making the rest of the flowers in time… but here you go. She’s great!!! She managed making everything! 😀


So today, it was all about joining those motifs… This part is not much fun for me and I guess for a lot others neither.


She looked a little struggled, but… voila. She’s done up to the 2nd row in today’s lesson 🙂 Very well done!!!!!


The rest of joining works and edging will be her homework, but I can’t wait to see her finished work ♡ Hope she’ll send me a photo when she’s done with it! In the very end of our lesson, she gave me a lovely handmade card, decorated with quilling. You can see some of her works on her blog here 🙂 Thank you for your lovely message again!!


A sneak peak of my recent work… I’m making a bigger mat for my coming baby boy ♡ I’m so excited about my big life-changing event 🙂


Private crochet lesson- Flower motif chair mat vol. 1

One of my students at Michaels contacted me and we had a private crochet lesson today 🙂

Since we shared the basic information via email, she got all the materials we needed for the class. In her email, she said she had purchased “pink, orange and white yarn” but when she showed up today, she was carrying a huge travel bag!!!


In the bag, there were lots and lots of yarn balls!! She said she couldn’t pick up “the one”… so … voila. These are the all she had brought to the class today!! 😀 So funny but sweet ♡♡♡


After hearing her most favorite color choice and examining the yarns, we decided the color combinations for her first flower mat project.


We worked hard, but at the same time, we talked a lot and shared cultural backgrounds… It’s a lot different from her country, India, to my country, Japan, and where we are now, the US. It was so much fun to work with her today!!!


I’m looking forward to seeing lots of beautiful flower motifs in our next lesson! 🙂

Till then, I hope she’ll do well at her graduate school as well!! Hearing the story of her attending classes at 7-9am and 7-9pm was quite inspiring and motivating for me! I now feel I should use my time more effectively to use my brain as well!! ♡


3 weeks after our 1st crochet class of the chair mat lessons, we got together and had a 2nd class. I was excited to see that everyone had beautifully made the flower motifs by then!!



Each looks really different just by how they put colors together 🙂


The blue, black and gray version is made after her (Lady A) son’s soccer club team colors. We thought it would look more boy-like, but actually, they came out really cute. They even reminded us of “marimekko”. I hope she’ll make another one with red as well 😀 I’d love to see it ♡

The dark green, light green and white version is made to match her (Lady B) couch colors. To my surprise, she almost finished making 3 color variations in these 3 weeks! I can’t wait to see her finished work 🙂

The light blue, white and purple version is made for herself (Lady C). She loves light blue and I think the colors remind me of “FROZEN”!!! I’m sure girls will love it ♡



As always, it was super fun to crochet at a bright space with a cup of tea and some sweets when the sun is there 🙂


In the lesson, our goal was to joint 7 flower petals together. And now, to joint all the petals and hopefully finish up the edge is their homework by the end of March!!

I’m very much looking forward to receiving their finished items’ photos ♡

Thank you for joining the class 😀 Happy crocheting ♡

Mommy crocheting with her baby – flower garland with kid’s names :D

I had one of my friends coming over to my place for a private crochet lesson 🙂

She made a flower garland with her son’s name on it about 2 years ago, and this time, she wanted to make one with her second child’s name on. She said she didn’t crochet for a long time, but after a few trials, her speed got much faster. Yay!!

She always crochet in her unique style. What I like about her style is that she holds the yarn ball so that her baby can’t play around and make a mess with it. I think when I have my own baby, I’ll do the same style with her 🙂

After working for several hours, she’s completed making new pink garland!! Together with her son’s, they look really cute!! I think I’m going to make one for mine when I know his name 🙂


After we said goodbye, she sent me a photo how she decided to decorate them at home ♡♡♡

I can’t say anything but “they look soooooo cute!!!!” ♡crochet-name-garland

Feeling very happy to share a peaceful handmade time with a good friend ♡

Lovely flower cushion

I have something that I’ve wanted to upload here, but it took me time to do that since my parents were visiting me here in California from Japan. We went to lots of places together!! I just quickly want to share the most beautiful scenery we’ve seen together at Big Sur. I’d never seen a waterfall falling into the ocean anywhere before!! If you are planning a trip in the west coast, I think this is a kind of place you’d better visit!!


Now, finally, please let me introduce my new works here. TA-DA—-!!! They are beautiful cushions made with lots of flowers!! I’ve asked my little people to help me to introduce the works. I haven’t even introduced my little people, have I? Let me introduce them properly to you some other time!!


I’ve combined some colors of yarns which I had at home. One is with light-green, purple, navy and gray.


The other is with orange, pink, white and light-pink. These are more like my kind of colors, but I also liked the other one 🙂


I normally place them on the stools.


… but, I think my little people like to lay down on the cushion 😀 They look as if they are laying down in the field of flowers!!


I think it will be cute to make a cushion cover with those flowers although I don’t know if I’ll do that since it takes me quite lots of time to make lots of flowers …


Thanks to the pattern on a Japanese creator, ayuca-san, I’ve enjoyed making them 😀

Happy crocheting ♡

Decorate your workspace!!

It’s been a while since I last posted a blog here. I had been working on some new works, but I just couldn’t find time to update all of them here…!! Now I have so much to write, I will try to keep updating a lot here 🙂

Recently, I’m in love with my can cover which I’ve created the design itself. I’ve made them because I wanted to keep my beads nicely so that when my friends came to my place for the workshop, everybody will know where to put those beads and it will be easy to share those beads. So, first, I just tried to put them in an empty can…The idea was good. They did the job but it didn’t look good. So, I started making covers for the cans.

Here is the before and after photo. I think those cans in cover look much better and I really like the designs.


I originally wanted to make them very colorful, but my husband liked to keep them simple, so I’ve decided to go with beige&black, beige&white and beige&brown. They look cute together!!


I am not usually good at organize things but I think those cans will help me to make my rooms less messy and more beautiful!!



I’ve made the pattern for this can cover. It will fit any size of square-bottomed cans. I hope you will recycle your empty cans to something cute with your favorite colors of yarns!! 🙂

◎表紙 stylish can cover.001

The easy-to-follow crochet pattern for this stylish can cover is now available on Craftsy and Etsy!! If you are interested in, please come visit my shop below 🙂

button_craftsy button_etsy

It might will be a good idea for the upcoming valentine’s gift or somebody’s birthday gifts? In Japan, Valentine’s days are for the girls to give chocolates and gifts to their loving one (boys). Maybe he/she will be happy to put those simple but cute cans on their workspaces!!  🙂

Happy crocheting ♡

Christmas decoration !!!

Ho ho ho—
I love Christmas as many others do 🙂 It’s full of happiness and love!!

This year, I’ve decided to make my own Christmas wreath to decorate my house. Oh, I just had to spend a lot of hours to think of the design, color combination and many others. But here I now have this!!! Ta-da!!!

christmas wreath

Then, I thought of hanging it to my wall, but I wanted to put more Christmas items. So, I’ve decided to make a Christmas banner.

christmas banner

And now, finally, I have my Christmas decoration inside my house!! It’s just a small corner of the room, but this is my favorite place in my house now 😀 ♡♡♡

christmas corner

Taking it from a little bit below…

christmas decoration

Another shot 🙂

christmas decoration

I’m super happy that my room has a lot more colors now!! That cheers me up 🙂

Brown's date by the sea

As some of you might have expected, my little Brown has finally got his girlfriend, Cony, a rabbit.

Cony on the boat


To celebrate the birth of this little couple, I decided to let them join in my family trip to Monterey, California. They look excited to see the big ocean for the first time in their life. I think they’ve got quite surprised to see how big the ocean is!!

The ocean is great


Let me share how their date went and also how beautiful and exciting Monterey is!!

At the port, we saw many sea lions. Here are some…

Sea lions


Together with many of them in their back!! Say cheese 🙂

With sea lions


We saw many sea lions and seals there. What’s the difference between them? I’ve learned that if you found ears on them, they were sea lions. If they didn’t have ears, then they were seals 🙂

After exploring the port, we joined whale watching tours!! We got on a boat. They look quite excited about it!! Of course, all of us were excited!!

first date of Brown and Cony


While waiting for the departure, they were posing for a picture … do you think they are imitating the famous scene of Titanic??

A couple on the boat


Wooooow!! The boat ran really fast!!

The boat is running!!


After running for 1 hour, the boat stopped… what’s there??

What's this?


Here it comes!!! A whale!!! The whale appeared out of nowhere. We found some more whales and dolphins 😀 ♡



To be honest, I got seasick 30 min after the departure, so it was a nightmare for me… For the rest of 2.5 hours, I couldn’t enjoy it… but I got some fantastic pictures!! So I’m satisfied with this journey. I think the little couple had so much fun on the ocean!!!

watching the sea


Then, we visited another must-go place in Monterey. Can you find them in the picture?? 🙂 ♪♪

Great aquarium


I was so excited because I didn’t have to get seasick to see the marine creatures!!! 😀

Sea otters. I think I saw some on the bay as well. But to see them just close to me… it was wonderful. They were so cute!!!

Sea otters


Say cheese!!

Say cheese with sea otters


It seems they were quite tired after seeing so many new things to them!!! Sweet dreams 🙂 ♡♡♡

Sweet dreams!

An adventure of BROWN :)

One day, I came up with an idea of changing something I had at home into something very cute!! And this is the before and after… I cast a spell upon a clothespin to turn into Brown, a bear character from LINE.

Before - After


It turned out really cute!!! He enjoys sticking everywhere in my house.

A bear can stand everywhere


I wish I really could use the magic like I said so that I would change all of my clothespins into lots of cute things!! But in reality, of course I can’t use magic… so I had to work little by little like this… 😦

How it changes...


I thought I would make him a girl friend at least, but it was taking lots of time… and now, he helps me to make his girl friend 🙂 How kind and how sweet of him 🙂 ♡

A bear is making his girl friend


He is usually a good bear. He offers me a cup of coffee ♡

Would you like a cup of coffee?


However… he sometime gets very greedy… he tried to hunt my first tomato of this season!! No way!! I wanted to have that one!!

Hunting a tomato


Of course, he got punished afterwards…

Being punished


He was forgiven.
Then, we went out for a short trip to the Lake Tahoe. There, right after we arrived at the house, he got his friends. Seems like he doesn’t get scared of anything.

Big friends :)


He enjoyed playing at the beach.

In the Lake Tahoe

What kind of adventures are waiting for him… ?  🙂 Enjoy summer ♡

Decorating his work space :)

Last weekend, my family and our friends went to the Lake Tahoe 🙂 It was my first time to go there and I had so much fun with nice people around me!!

After spending some days there, here I came back to the normal life. Yesterday, I was feeling so empty staying at home all by myself during the daytime that I decided to decorate my house to cheer me up 😀



We live in an apartment and we can’t really make any holes on the wall so that we can’t really hang things on the wall… So, our walls stay simple for now. I thought this would be a nice decoration around his work space 🙂 I attached those colorful letters with a double-faced tape. Doesn’t it look a little bit fun?

Work space

When he came back home, he noticed the change immediately and he liked it 😀 I’m happy ♡♡♡

I think there are some people who have the same kind of interior decoration problems with mine. So, I’ll think of a good way of decorating the house without making a hole on the wall or anything. I’ll keep posted how to decorate the house colorful 🙂 ♪♪