Christmas decoration !!!

Ho ho ho—
I love Christmas as many others do 🙂 It’s full of happiness and love!!

This year, I’ve decided to make my own Christmas wreath to decorate my house. Oh, I just had to spend a lot of hours to think of the design, color combination and many others. But here I now have this!!! Ta-da!!!

christmas wreath

Then, I thought of hanging it to my wall, but I wanted to put more Christmas items. So, I’ve decided to make a Christmas banner.

christmas banner

And now, finally, I have my Christmas decoration inside my house!! It’s just a small corner of the room, but this is my favorite place in my house now 😀 ♡♡♡

christmas corner

Taking it from a little bit below…

christmas decoration

Another shot 🙂

christmas decoration

I’m super happy that my room has a lot more colors now!! That cheers me up 🙂

My memorable first customer for bow earrings ♡

I’m super happy to announce that I’ve delivered a set of earrings to my first customer ♡

She saw me wearing the same earrings sometime ago, and asked me to make the same one for her!! She is really an active person and busy with her private life as well as with her business, so we couldn’t find time to meet over a cup of coffee almost for one month… and finally!! TADA!!! They are in her hands now ♡

My first customer ♡


We talked about so many things and it was really fun 🙂

She’s working as a personal color advisor, so if you’re interested in knowing yours, just be brave to contact her 🙂 Here is her blog ♡


Let me put some pictures of the earrings…

Bow earrings

Bow earrings

Bow earrings


I crocheted a gold color wire into a bow 🙂 It’s really hard to crochet a wire… but I get really excited when the outcome gets really cute!!

How it looks like on the ear


If you are also interested in the earrings, please have a look on my shop ♡


My love for bows, pearls and something feminine ♡

I love something feminine!! I love flower prints or bows ♡

I think these hair bows are one of my favorite kind 🙂 Those shapes and the center pearls are so good!!

all colors


Examples of how to wear them 🙂

Half up hair styles 🙂 The color of the bow gives you a different impression!

red bow

beige bow


You may use it on top of the ponytail!! All you need is just a plain rubber band to tie your hair and add this barrette ♡

stripes bow


I think it’s also nice to have them with your best friends  in their favorite colors 😀

black and blown bow

beige and navy bow


The backside of the bow is attached to a french barrette. Barrette itself measures 1.9″ (4.8cm) and the bow measures 4″ (10cm x 4.7cm).

the backside


I’ve been making these barrettes for my friends as gifts… My friends smily face made me so happy!!

Birthday gifts with love


Now, I’ve started selling them on my shop!! I’ll be happy if you could take a look there ♡


Fringe! Tassel! Something long!!

I can’t believe it’s already September now!!

Now, something called fringes or tassels is in fashion for me.

I’ve made earrings with them.

favorite earrings

I’ve also added a fringe charm to my bag.







How do you like it? 🙂

I’ve started Instagram recently, and I’ll be very happy to know people there!!
If you take a look at my “natsulog” page, please don’t be afraid to say hi ♡ I think I can spend the whole week with smiling if you do so 🙂

New accessories – hoop earrings :)

Again, I was a little while away from blogging… I was thinking of something new lately…

I’ve wanted to make accessories by combining my crochet skills. I’ve tried so many… and now I came up with these designs!! I love hoop earrings 🙂 They are on my Etsy shop, so if you are interested in them, please visit my shop 🙂

Every pair will be made by me with a decent care and lots of love ♡



♡Sunny sunflower hoop earrings♡

I think those bright yellow colors will make your face color brighter!!
Sunny sunflower hoop earrings

♡French tricolor hoop earrings♡

I love French style. They are so cute! Don’t these earrings make you feel like visiting Paris? 🙂
French tricolor hoop earrings

♡Pure water blue hoop earrings♡

If you are going somewhere near the ocean, these are the color to wear 🙂
Pure water blue hoop earrings

♡Elegant peacock green and turquoise blue hoop earrings♡

Aren’t those color combinations of peacock green and turquoise blue just so gorgeous? 🙂
Elegant peacock green earrings

♡Turquoise blue hoop earrings♡

I like combining some colors, but I also like going simple!! 🙂
Turquoise hoop earrings

♡Exotic Asian hoop earrings♡

I’ve recently seen so many girls wearing printed pants. Most of them wear black based one. I’m sure this set of earrings will just go well with those style!!
Asian hoop earrings


Overall, I think those designs are really unique, so you won’t find so many people wearing the same style of earrings. Those color combinations of the strings and beads will definitely add you an extra expression on your face and style!!! The style itself is simple, so I’m sure these earrings will match with any kind of fashions and in many occasions ♡

I will be really happy to hear your feedbacks how you like them!! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. If you are looking for some particular colors, please let me know!!


Let's make a bigger anchor with crochet :)

I spent quite some time to create this bigger anchor crochet pattern. If you like a smaller and simpler pattern, you can try to follow the pattern I uploaded in another article earlier. Today, I can finally share the pattern with you and I’m quite happy with that 🙂

I’ve decided to make this pattern because I’ve got a request to make a bigger anchor pattern which fits on a baby blanket. (I’m so happy to get some feedbacks, so I was really happy to receive a request ♡ ) If you follow the instruction below and use size H hook (5mm) and medium weight yarn, the size of the finished work would be around 17cm x 17cm (6.7 inch x 7.6 inch). Of course, you can use whatever crochet hook you have and whatever yarn you would like to use! 🙂

This is how I use the applique. It looks good on my crochet bag 🙂 ♡

Good on a summer bag


This time, the instruction will look slightly complicated (but not so difficult to follow), so I made a diagram to explain the pattern. I also wrote how to proceed the pattern in the picture just next to the diagram. For those who don’t like reading symbols, I will also explain in words. My tutorial “step” numbers are synchronized with the numbers written in the picture below. Well, let’s get started 😀

◆Anchor pattern in a crochet diagram◆

Instruction Instruction-how to proceed



  • ch(s): chain(s)
  • ss: slip stitch
  • st(s): stitch(es)
  • sc: single crochet
  • hdc: half double crochet
  • dc: double crochet
  • tc: treble crochet
  • dt: double treble


Step 1. Make a double magic ring. Ch 2. (1 hdc in the magic ring, 1 ch) three times. Close the loop of the magic ring. Ss to the 1st hdc.

Step1-1 Step1-2


Step 2. Ch 12. 1 dc in the 4th st from the hook. 1 dc in each of the next 8 sts.

Step2-1 Step2-2


Step 3. Ss to the point A (shown in the picture below). (1 sc, ch 1 and 1 sc) in the next st.

Step3-1 Step3-2


Step 4. Ch 12. 1 dc in the 4th stitch from the hook. 1 dc in each of the next 8 sts.



Step 5. Ss to the point B (shown in the picture below). Ss in each st for the following 10 sts.



Step 6. Ch 3. 1 sc in the 2nd st from the hook. 1 hdc in the next st. 1 dc in the next st. 1 tc in the next st. 1 dt in the next st. Ch 1.

Step6-1 Step6-2


Step 7. Ss in each st to get to the point A. (for 12 ss)



Step 8. Ch 1. Ss in the following 3 sts. Ch 1.

Step8-1 Step8-2


Step 9. Ss for the following 8 sts.



Step 10-1. Ch 5. 1 tc in the next st, 1 dc in the next st.

Step10-1 Step10-2


Step 10-2. Ch 3. 1 sc in the 2nd st from the hook. 1 hdc in the next st. Ss to the bottom.

Step10-3 Step10-4 Step10-5


Step 11. Skip the next st. Ss to the following 8 sts. (You are now back in the point B.)



Step 12. Ch 14. 1 hdc in the 3rd st from the hook. 1 hdc in the next 3 sts.

Step12-1 Step12-2


Step 13. Ch 6. 1 dc in the 4th st from the hook. 1 dc in the next 2 sts.

Step13-1 Step13-2


Step 14. Ch 6. 1 hdc in the 3rd st from the hook. 1 hdc in the next 3 sts.

Step14-1 Step14-2


Step 15. 3 hdc in the next space. Ss to the next st.



Step 16. Turn the work and ss for the next 3 sts.



Step 17. 1 dc in the following 8 sts.



Step 18. Ss to the point C (shown in the picture below).  Cut the yarn and trim the end. The bottom part is done 🙂

Step18-1 Step18-2


Step 19. Ch 10. Ss to the 1st st.



Step 20. Ch 2. 1 hdc in the bottom st. 2 hdc in each st of the row. (19 hdc)



Step 21. Ss to the 1st st of the row. Cut the yarn, leaving some length for the sewing purpose. Attach the top part to the bottom part of the anchor motif with the left yarn.


Now, this is done 😀



Thank you if you are with me till here 🙂

Enjoy decorating things around you!! 😀

If you have a blog, I’ll be definitely happy when you write about this pattern and your achievements. At that time, I can never be happier if it would have a link to my blog ♡♡♡

*** Added on November 2015 ***

I have opened a jewelry shop on Etsy. I try to make jewelry that I also can use in any occasions. Please have a look there by clicking the photo below.


Brown's date by the sea

As some of you might have expected, my little Brown has finally got his girlfriend, Cony, a rabbit.

Cony on the boat


To celebrate the birth of this little couple, I decided to let them join in my family trip to Monterey, California. They look excited to see the big ocean for the first time in their life. I think they’ve got quite surprised to see how big the ocean is!!

The ocean is great


Let me share how their date went and also how beautiful and exciting Monterey is!!

At the port, we saw many sea lions. Here are some…

Sea lions


Together with many of them in their back!! Say cheese 🙂

With sea lions


We saw many sea lions and seals there. What’s the difference between them? I’ve learned that if you found ears on them, they were sea lions. If they didn’t have ears, then they were seals 🙂

After exploring the port, we joined whale watching tours!! We got on a boat. They look quite excited about it!! Of course, all of us were excited!!

first date of Brown and Cony


While waiting for the departure, they were posing for a picture … do you think they are imitating the famous scene of Titanic??

A couple on the boat


Wooooow!! The boat ran really fast!!

The boat is running!!


After running for 1 hour, the boat stopped… what’s there??

What's this?


Here it comes!!! A whale!!! The whale appeared out of nowhere. We found some more whales and dolphins 😀 ♡



To be honest, I got seasick 30 min after the departure, so it was a nightmare for me… For the rest of 2.5 hours, I couldn’t enjoy it… but I got some fantastic pictures!! So I’m satisfied with this journey. I think the little couple had so much fun on the ocean!!!

watching the sea


Then, we visited another must-go place in Monterey. Can you find them in the picture?? 🙂 ♪♪

Great aquarium


I was so excited because I didn’t have to get seasick to see the marine creatures!!! 😀

Sea otters. I think I saw some on the bay as well. But to see them just close to me… it was wonderful. They were so cute!!!

Sea otters


Say cheese!!

Say cheese with sea otters


It seems they were quite tired after seeing so many new things to them!!! Sweet dreams 🙂 ♡♡♡

Sweet dreams!

What's in the box?

One day, a big box arrived at home.

A big box 1


Hmm… what’s inside?? Let’s have a look!!

A big box 2



A big box 3


Something is coming out!!!!!

A big box 4


Wow… the box completely opened!! Scary!! Is it something dangerous?

A big box 5


… Something came out?

A big box 6


… Ears?!!

A big box 7


… Face?!!

A big box 8


TOTORO!!! Ah, Totoro says hi 🙂

A big box 9


And from me, too 😀 lol

A big box 10


I couldn’t resist playing with this huge box!! lol

This is my way of celebrating the Totoro’s popularity in Japan! I’ve read a news that they have broadcasted Totoro on TV for 14 times for the past 26 years since the movie was out and it’s still got an audience rating of 19.4%!! I’ve also watched it again very recently and I think it’s really fantastic!!


What I’ve got actually in this box is a sewing machine!!

I need to learn how to sew now 🙂 There are so many things to keep myself busy 😀 ♪♪

Smells yummy! And some monsters came…!!

I did a baking party with two young moms 🙂 I showed how to knead the dough and they did pretty well while also taking care of their babies. Hmm, moms always have multiple tasks to do… they are great!!!

Preparation -kneading the dough


TA-DA!!!! We successfully baked melon breads with chocolate chips as well as cookies with macadamia nuts!! 🙂 We all did a good job!! While baking them, they were smelling so good and the entire house smelled like a bakery shop. Yummy!!

Melon breads & Cookies


The nice smell attracted not only us but also some creatures…!!! Can you guess??  It was the creature who loved cookies a lot… Oh well, it was a baby cookie monster 😀

Cookie monster


“Me want cookie!” “Me eat cookie!” “Give me more cookies!”

Cookie monster


Why? Why are you eating cookies alone? Can I join you?” His best friend , Elmo, has joined him now.

Can I join you?


Cookie monster was very kind so that he shared his cookies. Nom nom nom…

Cookie eating monsters


“Oh, this cookie is so yummy!!” Elmo looks so happy 🙂 Is Cookie monster a little bit jealous now?



Both of the cute little monsters enjoy cookies. “Hmmm… yummy!! There are nothing better than cookies!!”

One more


A while after, Elmo was stuffed. She wasn’t interested in cookies anymore. You know Elmo is always curious about everything!! Yes! Curiosity is good 🙂

Elmo is curious!


So the blue monster was left alone…

Elmo leaves


“Give me high five!!”

high five


The little Elmo girl loves doing “high five”.

high five


“Yeah!!!” Seems like this is the best thing to do right after eating cookies… 🙂

high five


“Can I switch to be Elmo now?? That looks fun!!”

Can I switch?


“Sure, you can use mine!! Here you are.” Oh, she is also very kind!! 🙂

Here you are


“Hmmm…I think I should be Cookie monster! I shouldn’t be Elmo! I want to take off this cap!” He tries to take off the cap.

I'm Elmo


“Oops!!” He couldn’t take it off…



“Did you see that? Oh I’m shy!” His smile is so cute 😀



The two little monsters played happily together 🙂



I had so much fun 🙂 I had great breads and cookies, and I finally met two cute monsters 😀

two monsters


Maybe those who want to see those cute monsters are now thinking about baking something yummy?? Enjoy your foods and smile a lot ♡

Add colors in your fashion ♡

I like summer because everyone wears more colors than in winter!! I love colorful fashions, but I also like a simple style, wearing beige, black, navy, gray and white. But still, I try to adopt at least just one bright color as an accent to my fashion 🙂

These flower colors are my favorite kinds 🙂 Just by seeing them, I feel like getting energy. Bright colors cheer me up!!

Colorful :) ♡


A while ago when I went shopping with my friend, I’ve bought a pretty makeup bag. It was “a love at a first sight” kind of thing… 🙂 Then, I’ve realized something… It really goes well with my summer hat!!! I think I really love flower prints and colors!! (If you also have the same kind of taste, here is a little bit of information about the makeup bag. I bought it at COACH in Premium Outlets. I think it costed me just around $30, so it was really reasonable!!)

My favorites


One of my suggestions to add a color easily in your style is to put a hair accessory with colors!! I quite like a bow for it.

Yellow hair bow


I often tie my hair in a ponytail. Sometimes, people tell me that they like my hair bow and they ask me if I’ve bought it at a department store in Japan. I always feel flattered although they are probably just trying to be nice to me… But in most of the cases, I take it as a compliment, and I make more for those friends 🙂

Hair bow with colors


I think putting a color bow is much better than putting a plain hair band. If you have a similar kind of color in your clothes with the hair bow, it will look more natural. Let’s see which hair bow looks more natural on the little cow??

A pink bow?

Hair bow coordinate

Or a yellow bow?

A hair bow on the cow...

Because of the red bow he wears around his neck, I think a pink bow looks better than the yellow one 🙂 So, it will be nice if you can use the similar kind of color in your fashion with the hair bow. It can be just a tiny print of the clothes, a belt, a scarf, a pair of shoes, a handbag or pretty much everything! Just think about the color coordinates 🙂


I also tried to mix more than one color!! This is cute on my chinchilla cap!! My friend likes it, so she sometimes uses it to make a ponytail and I feel super happy whenever I see that!!

Hair bow on a cap


Now, a different combination of colors. Hmmm… this reminds me of a baseball ball…? :p

Baseball-like hair bow


I think I personally prefer putting a lace in the center! Sometimes I give those hair bows as one of the gifts to my friends.

A gift to my friend


Color yourself and color your life!!! Enjoy the summer ♡

An adventure of BROWN :)

One day, I came up with an idea of changing something I had at home into something very cute!! And this is the before and after… I cast a spell upon a clothespin to turn into Brown, a bear character from LINE.

Before - After


It turned out really cute!!! He enjoys sticking everywhere in my house.

A bear can stand everywhere


I wish I really could use the magic like I said so that I would change all of my clothespins into lots of cute things!! But in reality, of course I can’t use magic… so I had to work little by little like this… 😦

How it changes...


I thought I would make him a girl friend at least, but it was taking lots of time… and now, he helps me to make his girl friend 🙂 How kind and how sweet of him 🙂 ♡

A bear is making his girl friend


He is usually a good bear. He offers me a cup of coffee ♡

Would you like a cup of coffee?


However… he sometime gets very greedy… he tried to hunt my first tomato of this season!! No way!! I wanted to have that one!!

Hunting a tomato


Of course, he got punished afterwards…

Being punished


He was forgiven.
Then, we went out for a short trip to the Lake Tahoe. There, right after we arrived at the house, he got his friends. Seems like he doesn’t get scared of anything.

Big friends :)


He enjoyed playing at the beach.

In the Lake Tahoe

What kind of adventures are waiting for him… ?  🙂 Enjoy summer ♡

Let's make an anchor as a summer decoration :)

I love the anchor motif!!! I think we all need this motif more of less as our summer decoration!!!
I spent quite some time to create the anchor crochet pattern. Today, I can finally share the pattern with you and I’m quite happy with that 🙂

You can use whatever yarns and hooks you want to use. Well, let’s get started 😀


This time, the instruction will look slightly complicated (but not so difficult to follow), so I made a diagram to explain the pattern. I also wrote how to proceed the pattern in the picture just next to the diagram. For those who don’t like reading symbols, I will also explain in words. My tutorial “step” numbers are synchronized with the numbers written in the picture below.


◆Anchor pattern in a crochet diagram◆

Symbols Route



  • ch(s): chain(s)
  • ss: slip stitch
  • st(s): stitch(es)
  • sc: single crochet
  • hdc: half double crochet


Step 1. Make a double magic ring. Ch 1. (1 sc in the magic ring, 1 ch) three times. Close the loop of the magic ring. Ss to the 1st sc.

Step 1 Step 1 -done


Step 2. Ch 8. 1 hdc in the 3rd st from the hook. 1 hdc in each of the next 5 sts.

Step 2


Step 3. Ss to the point “A” (shown in the picture below). Ss in the next 2 sts to get to the point “B”.

Step 2-2


Step 4. Ch 8. 1 hdc in the 3rd stitch from the hook. 1 hdc in each of the next 5 sts. Ss to the point “C”.

Step 4 Step 4-2


Step 5. Ch 9. 1 hdc in the 3rd st from the hook. 1 hdc in the next st.

Step 5 Step 5-2


Step 6. Ch 9. Ss to the 7th st from the hook.

Step 6 Step 6-2


Step 7. Ch 2. [1 hdc, 2 hdc in the next st] around. (10 hdc)

Step 7 Step 7-2


Step 8. 1 hdc in the next 2 sts.

Step 8


Step 9. Ch 4. 1 hdc in the 3rd st from the hook. 1 hdc in the next st.

Step 9 Step 9-2


Step 10. 1 hdc next 2 sts together.

Step 10 Step 10-2


Step 11. 1 hdc in the next 5 sts.

Step 11


Step 12. Ss to the bottom.

Step 12


Cut the yarn and trim the end 🙂 DONE!!!



If you like, you can make some chs with another yarn, and wrap the anchor nicely!!! I made 30 chs 🙂

Anchor -different version.


Enjoy decorating things around you!! 😀
I decorated a summer hat with this anchor. Please have a look on my hat here.

anchor decorating example


I hope you’ve enjoyed my tutorial 🙂 Happy crocheting ♡


*** Notes ***

I have invested a lot of time in creating the pattern, taking photos, writing the instructions as clear as possible, therefore it will be really kind of you to respect my rights.

If you have a blog, I’ll be definitely happy when you write about this pattern (and your achievements).
At that time, I can never be happier if it would have a link to my blog! Thank you ♡


*** Added on November 2015 ***

I have opened a jewelry shop on Etsy. I try to make jewelry that I also can use in any occasions. Please have a look there by clicking the photo below.


A Cute Marine Style Fashion

The easy-to-follow crochet pattern for this pretty cotton summer hat is now available on Craftsy and Etsy!! If you are interested in, please come visit my shop below 🙂


button_craftsy button_etsy


Especially in summer, I like a marine style fashion. So, I had been thinking about the marine style sun hat for quite some time. I thought I would definitely go for a striped hat, but it took time for me to figure out how to make a nice seamless surface with more than one color. Then, I wanted to put an anchor logo somewhere on the hat, but it also took time for me to think about the pattern. After seeing those things together, I thought I would need some more colors, so I chose three colors to decorate the hat -white, navy and red!! Then the hat came out quite nice 😀 (Or is that only me who think so?)

Marine Style Sun Hat

My friend told me that those three colors reminded her of the American Flag. Oh, it’s also good to celebrate the upcoming July 4th then 😀

Marine 3

My friend’s daughter wear the sun hat really nicely!! She is really fashionable and her fashion really goes well with the sun hat 😀  ♡
I think I would love to wear the same kind of fashion with her 😀 I just love this style including the hat ♡

Marine 1

She is a really good model, and also she is a wonderful photographer! 😀

Marine 2

The little cute photographer runs everywhere to capture nice photos with her camera!!

Marine 4

Oh, she loves flowers 😀

Marine 5

She also likes trains! She also waves her hand to a train 🙂 I will be happy if I see her from the train!!

Marine 6

Now the little photographer has to go back home after working a lot!! So, she has her pretty backpack on her back… ♡ How lovely!!
I just like her a lot 🙂 ♡ Thanks for smiling and thanks for calling my name with your lovely voice ♡♡♡

A Small Cute Photographer :)

The easy-to-follow crochet pattern for this pretty cotton summer hat is now available on Craftsy and Etsy!! If you are interested in, please come visit my shop below 🙂


button_craftsy button_etsy 


The other day, I made a summer hat with cotton yarns. It came out pretty, and I put a pink lace tape to decorate the hat.

PInk Lace Tape Around The Hat

I wanted to give it to my friend’s daughter, so I wanted to decorate it how she would like it. My friend told me that her daughter loved yellow, so I decided to add some yellow color.

Pink Lace Tape with Some Flowers

Then, I thought it would be nice to add more colors, and this is how the hat is now!! We can’t see the pink tape anymore… but I like it so much 😀

Flower Hat

Now, a little cutie wears the hat. How cute!!! I’m so happy to see my hat worn by the others!! But it was a bit big for her… maybe she will be able to wear it for another 5 years or so… 😀

From the front :)

We went out to a park to play and she took my camera and turned out to be a great photographer!! It’s interesting to see how kids see the world!!

A flower girl into a photo

So, these amazing photos of the cutie are taken by her mom with her camera!! She has a great eye for making great photographs of her daughter 🙂 Moms are great!!

A girl with a camera

Let’s go out a lot this summer 😀

Decorating his work space :)

Last weekend, my family and our friends went to the Lake Tahoe 🙂 It was my first time to go there and I had so much fun with nice people around me!!

After spending some days there, here I came back to the normal life. Yesterday, I was feeling so empty staying at home all by myself during the daytime that I decided to decorate my house to cheer me up 😀



We live in an apartment and we can’t really make any holes on the wall so that we can’t really hang things on the wall… So, our walls stay simple for now. I thought this would be a nice decoration around his work space 🙂 I attached those colorful letters with a double-faced tape. Doesn’t it look a little bit fun?

Work space

When he came back home, he noticed the change immediately and he liked it 😀 I’m happy ♡♡♡

I think there are some people who have the same kind of interior decoration problems with mine. So, I’ll think of a good way of decorating the house without making a hole on the wall or anything. I’ll keep posted how to decorate the house colorful 🙂 ♪♪

Be environmentally friendly :)

TGIF ♡ The weekend is coming!! Have you planned your weekend already? For those who haven’t decided, I would like to suggest a DIY idea today 🙂

Maybe some of you might be wondering what I was about to say with the blog title… 🙂 I am thinking that some of you are a big fan of fast fashion and buy lots of new clothes every season. I can’t deny that I am one of them… but I thought I could still try to be environmentally friendly by recycling the old clothes!!

What do you usually do with your clothes that you already don’t want? I thought making something new with those clothes 😀 It’s fun to work on them 🙂 ♡


♡♡♡ Well, let’s get started ♡♡♡


1. Prepare a shirt or any kind of clothes that you don’t wear anymore.

This is my husband’s old shirt. I’ve already worked on this, so this shirt doesn’t look right anymore… lol

A shirt my husband doesn't wear anymore




2. Cut the clothes as shown in the picture. Please do not cut off and make the string as long as possible.

I’ve cut them in about 1cm (0.4″) width.

Cut the shirt


3. Start working on crocheting. You may want to use a bigger hook.

I used the crochet hook size 15 (10mm). I decided to make a circle with single crochet.

Crocheting with the unique strings


4. DONE 😀

I made a pot mat and decorated it with my cute bow 🙂 The tutorial for the bow is here ♡

Don’t you think this print actually makes a nice impression on the outcome? 😀

Cute :)


5. You may want to use the clothes for some decoration purpose.

This is one of my early works, but it’s cute and I like it ♡

Another thing a shirt could change into


Now, do you have any idea for your weekend DIY project? Have fun and enjoy your weekend ♡

I think I will think of some other way of changing clothes into something nice!! When I have new ideas, I will for sure post them 🙂

2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil!!!

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is coming!! It starts on June 12, and we will see which country win the game on July 13. Are you excited to follow the game? I’m normally not the soccer person, but my husband is so into it, (I’ve lately learned the word “soccer widow”, and I might will be one of them… lol) and I think I will watch some of the games with him 🙂 It will be fun!! Also, I’ve heard this year’s World Cup in Brazil would be their 20th FIFA World Cup, so it is something really special! 🙂

I made a pretty beanie with the Brazilian color, yellow and green. This year’s World Cup logo is also made with “yellow and green”, so it will show that you are into the World Cup 😀Panda Brazilian Color for FIFA World Cup 2014


Oh, I would love to see somebody wearing this beanie and watching soccer with their parents!! That would be really cute ♡

Watch World Cup with Brazil :D

Here, I have a news 😀

I’ve opened an Etsy shop last night 🙂

I hope many people will stop by at my shop ♡


Please feel free to ask me any questions if you have some 😀

How to make double magic ring!!

How do you start your crochet rounds? I see lots of people start with making chains. For example, when you want to make 6 single crochet as a first row, you will make 2 chains and make 6 single crochet into the 2nd chain from the hook. That is an easy way to start with, but it might not be the best way to make a hat or an amigurumi. You can see the difference in the picture below. Apparently, double magic ring looks better without a hole or gap in the middle.

Difference bet how to start circle

I always use “double magic ring” to start a round. I’ve also tried “standard magic ring”, which was easier compared to “double magic ring” but more fragile. Especially when I work with a thinner yarn, I prefer “double magic ring” because it will add durability. So, I’ve decided to give a step-by-step tutorial about the double magic ring with lots of pictures.

Tutorial: Double Magic Ring



1. Wrap the yarn around your fingers twice. Take the tail with your dominant hand (in my case, right), and wrap it onto your non-dominant fingers from the front to back twice. Some people just wrap it only around the index finger, but I prefer wrapping around the both index finger and middle finger. Now, you have the tail end pointing up.

Step 1


2. While you have 3 lines of yarns around your fingers, grab the joint point of the yarn and take the circle yarn out of your fingers. Turn the circle yarn for 180 degree, and now hold the yarn how you feel comfortable to sustain with your non-dominant hand. Make sure the tail should be in front and the working yarn should be kept back. Here, please do not forget to press the joint part of the yarn with your thumb and middle finger so that they won’t move.

Step 2


3. Insert your crochet hook into the loop and grab the working yarn from its back and bring it back to the front. Now you have a loop on the hook.

Step 3


4. Wrap the yarn over again and pull it back through to the front (this time, you wouldn’t go through the big circle but just through a loop you made in the previous step), and now you have created a chain stitch. Some people consider this chain as one of the starting chains, but I would take the method, saying until this 1 chain is considered to be a foundation of “double magic ring”. So, tighten the yarn here.

Step 4-1

Step 4-2


5. Depending on your stitch pattern, you will make starting chains here. Normally, you will need 1 chain for a single crochet pattern, 2 chains for a half double crochet pattern, 3 for a double crochet pattern.

Step 5


6. Crochet as many stitches as needed for the first round.

Step 6


7. Gather the stitches close to each other (pull the last stitch towards the first one).

Step 7


8. Pull the end of the yarn and see which yarn is pulled. (Normally this is the front loop.)

Step 8


9. Pull the yarn (which you’ve checked at step 8, front loop) towards left so that the other loop gets smaller. Pull it until you close up the other loop.

Step 9


10. Pull the yarn tail to  close up the loop.

Step 10


11. Slip stitch into the first stitch to join round. Or if you prefer seamless surface, you may keep working onto the next row.

Step 11


Now you have the magic ring and the first row is done 🙂 ♡♡♡

You may need to practice making a magic ring for a few times, but once you master the method, it will be more enjoyable to work on a round.

Laughing is the best calorie burner!!!


How often do you laugh?? Are you laughing a lot?

I’m spending lots of my time in working on crochet or cooking by myself, so I’m sometimes realizing how much I miss laughing during the day… But I actually laugh a lot when my husband is back home, when I’m teaching/learning cooking with others or when I’m with my lovely friends. Laughing is so important; it enriches your emotion and it also burns calories!! I think laughter brings happiness in your life and laughter is a very important factor to make people more appealing or beautiful!!

I’m considering making my husband laugh a lot as one of my important lifetime role. He works really hard, so I need to do something stupid/funny so as to reduce his stress 🙂 (I don’t do much outside the house though…lol)


So, here you are…




A creepy rabbit/woman


This creepy photo of myself has actually helped some of my friends laugh a lot!!

I’ll be flattered if it works the same to you 🙂


By the way, have you already realized who the cute rabbit is?? This is CONY from LINE.


I can’t live without this SNS service now. With this, I can send texts or cute stickers like this rabbit timely to my friends, or I can even call my family and friends all over the world for free 🙂



My friends, laugh a lot, relieve your stress and be more beautiful 😉

The world is beautiful and so are you ♡