Something blue. Blue brings happiness!

On the wedding day, people say it’s good to have something blue. So, how do you think about asking ring bearers to have this blue backpack?

elephantbackpack-cover-withoutletters (with natsulog)

It’s my fourth animal backpack series, an elephant!

This is originally made upon a request of my friend. I hope she will like it!!

It’s a perfect size to carry 4 diapers and baby wipes, so I think it’ll be a perfect DIY/handmade baby shower gift 🙂
It can also carry toys or snacks, so it’ll also be a great DIY/handmade birthday gift 🙂


If you feel like making one for your cuties, please visit my shops below 🙂

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Happy crocheting ♥♥♥

Brown's date by the sea

As some of you might have expected, my little Brown has finally got his girlfriend, Cony, a rabbit.

Cony on the boat


To celebrate the birth of this little couple, I decided to let them join in my family trip to Monterey, California. They look excited to see the big ocean for the first time in their life. I think they’ve got quite surprised to see how big the ocean is!!

The ocean is great


Let me share how their date went and also how beautiful and exciting Monterey is!!

At the port, we saw many sea lions. Here are some…

Sea lions


Together with many of them in their back!! Say cheese 🙂

With sea lions


We saw many sea lions and seals there. What’s the difference between them? I’ve learned that if you found ears on them, they were sea lions. If they didn’t have ears, then they were seals 🙂

After exploring the port, we joined whale watching tours!! We got on a boat. They look quite excited about it!! Of course, all of us were excited!!

first date of Brown and Cony


While waiting for the departure, they were posing for a picture … do you think they are imitating the famous scene of Titanic??

A couple on the boat


Wooooow!! The boat ran really fast!!

The boat is running!!


After running for 1 hour, the boat stopped… what’s there??

What's this?


Here it comes!!! A whale!!! The whale appeared out of nowhere. We found some more whales and dolphins 😀 ♡



To be honest, I got seasick 30 min after the departure, so it was a nightmare for me… For the rest of 2.5 hours, I couldn’t enjoy it… but I got some fantastic pictures!! So I’m satisfied with this journey. I think the little couple had so much fun on the ocean!!!

watching the sea


Then, we visited another must-go place in Monterey. Can you find them in the picture?? 🙂 ♪♪

Great aquarium


I was so excited because I didn’t have to get seasick to see the marine creatures!!! 😀

Sea otters. I think I saw some on the bay as well. But to see them just close to me… it was wonderful. They were so cute!!!

Sea otters


Say cheese!!

Say cheese with sea otters


It seems they were quite tired after seeing so many new things to them!!! Sweet dreams 🙂 ♡♡♡

Sweet dreams!

Smells yummy! And some monsters came…!!

I did a baking party with two young moms 🙂 I showed how to knead the dough and they did pretty well while also taking care of their babies. Hmm, moms always have multiple tasks to do… they are great!!!

Preparation -kneading the dough


TA-DA!!!! We successfully baked melon breads with chocolate chips as well as cookies with macadamia nuts!! 🙂 We all did a good job!! While baking them, they were smelling so good and the entire house smelled like a bakery shop. Yummy!!

Melon breads & Cookies


The nice smell attracted not only us but also some creatures…!!! Can you guess??  It was the creature who loved cookies a lot… Oh well, it was a baby cookie monster 😀

Cookie monster


“Me want cookie!” “Me eat cookie!” “Give me more cookies!”

Cookie monster


Why? Why are you eating cookies alone? Can I join you?” His best friend , Elmo, has joined him now.

Can I join you?


Cookie monster was very kind so that he shared his cookies. Nom nom nom…

Cookie eating monsters


“Oh, this cookie is so yummy!!” Elmo looks so happy 🙂 Is Cookie monster a little bit jealous now?



Both of the cute little monsters enjoy cookies. “Hmmm… yummy!! There are nothing better than cookies!!”

One more


A while after, Elmo was stuffed. She wasn’t interested in cookies anymore. You know Elmo is always curious about everything!! Yes! Curiosity is good 🙂

Elmo is curious!


So the blue monster was left alone…

Elmo leaves


“Give me high five!!”

high five


The little Elmo girl loves doing “high five”.

high five


“Yeah!!!” Seems like this is the best thing to do right after eating cookies… 🙂

high five


“Can I switch to be Elmo now?? That looks fun!!”

Can I switch?


“Sure, you can use mine!! Here you are.” Oh, she is also very kind!! 🙂

Here you are


“Hmmm…I think I should be Cookie monster! I shouldn’t be Elmo! I want to take off this cap!” He tries to take off the cap.

I'm Elmo


“Oops!!” He couldn’t take it off…



“Did you see that? Oh I’m shy!” His smile is so cute 😀



The two little monsters played happily together 🙂



I had so much fun 🙂 I had great breads and cookies, and I finally met two cute monsters 😀

two monsters


Maybe those who want to see those cute monsters are now thinking about baking something yummy?? Enjoy your foods and smile a lot ♡

A Cute Marine Style Fashion

The easy-to-follow crochet pattern for this pretty cotton summer hat is now available on Craftsy and Etsy!! If you are interested in, please come visit my shop below 🙂


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Especially in summer, I like a marine style fashion. So, I had been thinking about the marine style sun hat for quite some time. I thought I would definitely go for a striped hat, but it took time for me to figure out how to make a nice seamless surface with more than one color. Then, I wanted to put an anchor logo somewhere on the hat, but it also took time for me to think about the pattern. After seeing those things together, I thought I would need some more colors, so I chose three colors to decorate the hat -white, navy and red!! Then the hat came out quite nice 😀 (Or is that only me who think so?)

Marine Style Sun Hat

My friend told me that those three colors reminded her of the American Flag. Oh, it’s also good to celebrate the upcoming July 4th then 😀

Marine 3

My friend’s daughter wear the sun hat really nicely!! She is really fashionable and her fashion really goes well with the sun hat 😀  ♡
I think I would love to wear the same kind of fashion with her 😀 I just love this style including the hat ♡

Marine 1

She is a really good model, and also she is a wonderful photographer! 😀

Marine 2

The little cute photographer runs everywhere to capture nice photos with her camera!!

Marine 4

Oh, she loves flowers 😀

Marine 5

She also likes trains! She also waves her hand to a train 🙂 I will be happy if I see her from the train!!

Marine 6

Now the little photographer has to go back home after working a lot!! So, she has her pretty backpack on her back… ♡ How lovely!!
I just like her a lot 🙂 ♡ Thanks for smiling and thanks for calling my name with your lovely voice ♡♡♡

A Small Cute Photographer :)

The easy-to-follow crochet pattern for this pretty cotton summer hat is now available on Craftsy and Etsy!! If you are interested in, please come visit my shop below 🙂


button_craftsy button_etsy 


The other day, I made a summer hat with cotton yarns. It came out pretty, and I put a pink lace tape to decorate the hat.

PInk Lace Tape Around The Hat

I wanted to give it to my friend’s daughter, so I wanted to decorate it how she would like it. My friend told me that her daughter loved yellow, so I decided to add some yellow color.

Pink Lace Tape with Some Flowers

Then, I thought it would be nice to add more colors, and this is how the hat is now!! We can’t see the pink tape anymore… but I like it so much 😀

Flower Hat

Now, a little cutie wears the hat. How cute!!! I’m so happy to see my hat worn by the others!! But it was a bit big for her… maybe she will be able to wear it for another 5 years or so… 😀

From the front :)

We went out to a park to play and she took my camera and turned out to be a great photographer!! It’s interesting to see how kids see the world!!

A flower girl into a photo

So, these amazing photos of the cutie are taken by her mom with her camera!! She has a great eye for making great photographs of her daughter 🙂 Moms are great!!

A girl with a camera

Let’s go out a lot this summer 😀

Welcome to our world :D

How small and how cute a newborn baby is …!!!

One of my best friends has delivered a baby!! Congratulations!!! I visited her soon after she gave birth to him, and it was almost my first time to see a newborn baby. So, I was so excited to see the small beautiful creature!!!

A few days ago, I visited them again. It’s already been a month since he came to the world. He looked a lot bigger than the last time and I gave him the Jiji beanie this time 😀 Maybe the cap is still a little bit big for him, but I’m sure he’ll wear it perfectly soon ♡♡

Sleeping baby

He was either sleeping or sucking at his mom’s breast when I visited him.

Jiji on a sleeping baby

My friend, his mom, told me that she had been spending almost 8 hours a day just to feed him!! It takes her about 1 hour to feed him and to burp him, and he cries almost every 3 hours for the milk… oh… how tough the mom’s job is…!!!

I thought sharing the fact with my husband was really important. So, soon after coming back from her house, I told my husband what I had heard at her place. I hope he will share the work when we have babies sometime in the future… 😀

Jiji on a baby

I couldn’t believe how soft his skin was, how adorable he was (even his feet was adorable!!) and how small he was!! Sleep well and be a good boy, my dear 😉 ♡♡♡

I can’t wait to go out often with the mommy and her little one 🙂

I will be always there when you need me, my lovely friend ♡♡♡

A Big Angel Smile in Pink

I have a lot of nice neighbors with kids. In the evening, when it gets a little less hot, they always come out and play around with the other kids.

Kids are genius in terms of making friends and adapting to a new environment and culture. They get new friends very soon. They master multiple languages at once, so I see some children speaking in two or more different languages (English and their parents’ languages).

I wish I had those abilities… !! Anyway, just wishing is not enough. We always need a first step to achieve a goal, no matter how big it is 😀

When I moved to this apartment, I met one neighbor and he told me that his wife just gave birth to a baby girl. I thought it would be very nice to make her a baby cap. It took me some time, but I finally saw her outside and she gave me a huge cute smile to me !!! She is already 5 month old… Time flies!!

A Little Angel with Hello Kitty BeanieA Little Angel with Big Smile

How cute she is!! How big smile she has!! I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls and a smile is the most important factor to make girls look beautiful!! So, please always keep smiling 🙂 ♡

A Little Angel with A Big Smile

Here Summer Comes!! Ponytail With A Pretty Bow??

This week, it was hot here in California. According to the weather forecast, it reached up to the mid-90 F… Oh, I couldn’t stand staying under the sun, so I’ve dedicated a lot of my time to do another tutorial here.

Since it’s getting hot recently, I put my hair up in a ponytail almost everyday. So, I assume that there are lots of girls who need this hair bow now!! I’m trying to put more effort on making it easier for everyone to understand. I hope you will like it! Well, let’s get started 🙂

Hair bow Tutorial


Worsted Weight Yarn (Medium 4)

  • Red: BERNAT Satin (CRIMSON)


Size G(4mm) Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle
(Safety pin)


If you follow the instruction below, it will be around 4″ width. If you want something bigger, you can increase a number of ch in the step 1 and increase the number os sc in the following rows.


*** It’s easier to start every row with 1 ch and to end each row with a slip stitch since you will see where you started the row which you are working on.

*** I like the seamless surface, so in this tutorial, I take this method. You just have to keep going, but it may be difficult to see where you started the row (especially when you are working on even rows). So, it’s better to use a safety pin to mark the first stitch of each row.


  1. ch 9
    • Ch 8 as a foundation of the oblong, and the extra ch 1
    • You will treat “the 2nd ch (from the hook)” and “the last ch” as “the increasing zone”
    • You will just make 1 sc for the middle 6 st

    Step 1 : Ch 9

  2. 2 sc in the 2nd st from the hook, 1 sc for the next 6 st, 5 sc in the next st, 1 sc for the next 6  st, 3 sc in the next st (same st with the st you made 2 sc at the beginning) (22 sc)
    Step 2:
  3. 2 sc around in the increasing zone. (2 sc for the 1st 2 st,  1 sc for the next 6 st, 2 sc in the next 5 st, 1 sc for the following 6  st, 2 sc for the next 3 st) (32 sc)
    Step 3 :
  4. 2 sc, 1 sc around in the increasing zone. ((2 sc, 1 sc) twice, 1 sc for the next 6 st, (2 sc, 1 sc) 5 times, 1 sc for the following 6  st,(2 sc, 1 sc) 3 times) (42 sc)
    Step 4 :
  5. 1 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc around in the increasing zone. ((1 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc) twice, 1 sc  for the next 6 st, (1 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc) 5 times, 1 sc for the following 6  st, (1 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc) 3 times) (52 sc)
    Step 5 :
  6. 1 sc around (52 sc)
    Step 6 :
  7. 1 sc around (52 sc)
    Step 7 :
  8. 1 slip stitch (sl-st) around (52 sl-st)
    Step 8 :
  9. Cut the yarn and bring the yarn to the very center of the backside with a yarn needle
    Step 9 :
  10. Shape “M”, leaving the center and the both ends to low, and making somewhere in the middle (around Row 4) high. Sew a little bit with the yarn to keep the form.
    Step 10 :
  11. Here, we’ll work on the center ring. ch 14 and make a loop by joining to the 1st st with sl-st
    Step 11 :
  12. 2nd row: sc around (14 sc)
    Step 12 :
  13. 3rd row: sc around (14 sc)
    Step 13 :
  14. Cut the yarn, leaving some length (enough with 10″). Trim the both ends with a yarn needle. Leave the long end yarn.
    • I recommend to tie  those two strings together, just in case, before cutting off the short yarn (shown in the picture).

    Step 14 :

  15. Put the oblong (you made at Step 10) through into the center ring.
    Step 15 :
  16. Insert a string of elastic hair band into the center ring and bind it up.
    Step 16 :
  17. Sew the backside of the bow with the yarn needle. At this point, it’s better to hide the joint point of the hair band.
    Step 17 :
  18. Trim the rest of the yarn, and it’s DONE!!!
    Hair bow Done!!


If you are with me till here, thank you so much for your patience!! It was challenging for me to explain the flow with lots of photos, but I hope many people will find it easier to understand this tutorial and eventually enjoy making a bow for the summer!!

You can also use the bow as a decoration of your bags, clothes or hats!! Please enjoy customizing it as you like!!

I will always be happy to see your works ♡ Please feel free to leave comments or questions 🙂