Something blue. Blue brings happiness!

On the wedding day, people say it’s good to have something blue. So, how do you think about asking ring bearers to have this blue backpack?

elephantbackpack-cover-withoutletters (with natsulog)

It’s my fourth animal backpack series, an elephant!

This is originally made upon a request of my friend. I hope she will like it!!

It’s a perfect size to carry 4 diapers and baby wipes, so I think it’ll be a perfect DIY/handmade baby shower gift 🙂
It can also carry toys or snacks, so it’ll also be a great DIY/handmade birthday gift 🙂


If you feel like making one for your cuties, please visit my shops below 🙂

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Happy crocheting ♥♥♥

An adventure of BROWN :)

One day, I came up with an idea of changing something I had at home into something very cute!! And this is the before and after… I cast a spell upon a clothespin to turn into Brown, a bear character from LINE.

Before - After


It turned out really cute!!! He enjoys sticking everywhere in my house.

A bear can stand everywhere


I wish I really could use the magic like I said so that I would change all of my clothespins into lots of cute things!! But in reality, of course I can’t use magic… so I had to work little by little like this… 😦

How it changes...


I thought I would make him a girl friend at least, but it was taking lots of time… and now, he helps me to make his girl friend 🙂 How kind and how sweet of him 🙂 ♡

A bear is making his girl friend


He is usually a good bear. He offers me a cup of coffee ♡

Would you like a cup of coffee?


However… he sometime gets very greedy… he tried to hunt my first tomato of this season!! No way!! I wanted to have that one!!

Hunting a tomato


Of course, he got punished afterwards…

Being punished


He was forgiven.
Then, we went out for a short trip to the Lake Tahoe. There, right after we arrived at the house, he got his friends. Seems like he doesn’t get scared of anything.

Big friends :)


He enjoyed playing at the beach.

In the Lake Tahoe

What kind of adventures are waiting for him… ?  🙂 Enjoy summer ♡

A turtle bread brings big smile :)

Recently, I’ve got to know a nice lady with a cute little boy at a cafe. I was working on my crochet project there, and the boy sitting behind me started talking to me, showing his brand-new toy. His face was filled with an extraordinary cute smile!! Soon after that, I and the mom started talking to each other and we became friends. What a nice day it was!! I think it’s much better to go out than staying at home even when you have to work on something 🙂

She told me that he loved melon breads. This was the reason why they were there on that day. The cafe had nice melon breads. I’ve never baked melon breads but after hearing her stories how much he loved them, I felt like making one for him!! This is how my journey with melon breads began… lol


The first time, they came out okay but they were just like “cookies on breads”. They didn’t have deepness in the taste. I also didn’t do so well with baking part.melon bread -1st trial


The second time, I asked my aunt’s help. She loves cooking and baking and she pretty knows a lot about those things. She gave me her recipe via Email, so I tried to follow them… but out of curiosity, I couldn’t resist to add a real melon juice to add a flavor in them, and I believe this destroyed the balance… it looked better than the first time but the bread was harder and not perfect either.

melon breads -2nd trial


The third time, I modified my aunt’s recipe just a little. I felt that they were working quite well this time, so that I decided to make an original one for the boy!! A turtle bread 🙂 They turned out perfect for me!! I also added chocolate chips for some of them and they were really good!!

A turtle bread- before baking

melon breads -3rd trial


I gave it to his mother and she told me that he loved it!! He played a lot with the turtle bread before eating it, and also enjoyed eating it.

A turtle bread

A turtle bread

What a cute smile he has!!! I’m now quite satisfied with my journey of melon breads!!  His big happy face rewards my effort 😀

Huge smile with a melon bread!

Handmade items and cooking/baking are not so easy and time consuming but always fun because they allow us to be creative!!

2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil!!!

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is coming!! It starts on June 12, and we will see which country win the game on July 13. Are you excited to follow the game? I’m normally not the soccer person, but my husband is so into it, (I’ve lately learned the word “soccer widow”, and I might will be one of them… lol) and I think I will watch some of the games with him 🙂 It will be fun!! Also, I’ve heard this year’s World Cup in Brazil would be their 20th FIFA World Cup, so it is something really special! 🙂

I made a pretty beanie with the Brazilian color, yellow and green. This year’s World Cup logo is also made with “yellow and green”, so it will show that you are into the World Cup 😀Panda Brazilian Color for FIFA World Cup 2014


Oh, I would love to see somebody wearing this beanie and watching soccer with their parents!! That would be really cute ♡

Watch World Cup with Brazil :D

Here, I have a news 😀

I’ve opened an Etsy shop last night 🙂

I hope many people will stop by at my shop ♡


Please feel free to ask me any questions if you have some 😀

What would you do if you could use magic?

If you could use magic, what would you like to do?? Kiki from “Kiki’s Delivery Service” made her cat, Jiji, speak with her. I’m not a cat person, but still I imagine that it would be nice to communicate with them by words!! When I was young, my image of the foreign countries were exactly like what they showed in this film. I love the scenery of the film and the songs!! I hope many of you will enjoy watching this movie!!

Baby beanie: Jiji

Here is as usual, my new beanie with my cow.

Jiji with my cow from their front2014-04-27 16.44.18

I’ll give this baby cap to my friend. I hope her baby will learn how to speak very soon! I can’t wait to talk to the baby !! 😀

Zebra Beanie

Here is what I’ve made for one of my friends’ 1 year-old son soon after I taught myself how to crochet. Her husband likes simple style, so I wanted to make something simple, but something still cute on a baby. In Japan, this year (2014) is a year of a horse, so I thought something related to a horse would be good, bringing a good luck to their little baby. Then, I’ve made up my mind making a zebra beanie 🙂

A zebra beanie

It’s simple but still you can see that it’s a zebra, isn’t it? As usual, I took a picture of my cap on my stuffed cow. Yes, he looks great!! I added mane between the ears. Which do you like, with the mane or without? I personally prefer it with the mane.

A zebra beanie on my stuffed cow

Then, here is how my friend’s handsome boy wears it!! He is just adorable!! He doesn’t cry much when he stays with some strangers like me, so I like him a lot!! While I was searching on zebras, I found that zebras didn’t get along with human… oh boy!! Unlike zebras, please get along well with others, my dear!!! 🙂

A zebra beanie with a handsome!!

Panda Beanie

The easy-to-follow crochet pattern for this pretty panda beanie is now available on Craftsy and Etsy!! If you are interested in, please come visit my shop below 🙂

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The other day, one of my friends who was my former neighbor asked me to make a beanie for her very cute 1 year-old daughter. I was thinking what I should make for her, and I was staring at some of her photos… Then, her very big and round black eyes inspired me and I knew what I was going  to make for her, a panda beanie 🙂 After I had decided what to make, I searched for a real panda on the internet as usual, and I learned what pandas were like. I didn’t know that they spent most of their time on eating and sleeping!!! They sleep for about 10 to 16 hours a day, and they eat a big meal (almost 90lb = 40kg!!) in the rest of their awake time.

A pand beanie

After struggling a lot, I finished making one!! I always put my beanie on my stuffed cow. He looks good, doesn’t he?

A panda beanie

But when my friend’s daughter had put it on, she looked super gorgeous!! I love it when she smiles at me with my cup on 🙂 My friend’s little angel, please eat and sleep a lot as a panda does!! It’s your job to eat well, sleep well and smile a lot ♡♡♡

A panda beanie with an angel

Dinosaur or Monster?

The easy-to-follow crochet pattern for this pretty and unique dinosaur beanie is now available on Craftsy and Etsy!! If you are interested in, please come visit my shop below 🙂

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One day, I was thinking what kind of beanie I should make for one of my friends’ daughter… She is very powerful and very clever for a 3 year-old girl. At the very same time, I saw a picture in which she put a dragon face paint on herself while other girls put a cat, a butterfly or some other cute animals paint. How artistic she is and what a unique taste she has!! This dragon painting inspired me and I wanted to make something unique for her, so I’ve decided to make a dinosaur beanie. I wanted to use her favorite color, green, and some “girl” colors as well (so that this cap won’t look so boyish).

dinosaur beanie

When I gave it to her, she named this beanie “Mon-chan” after a monster… At that moment, my dinosaur became a monster. Anyway, she played with this “Mon-chan” and I was happy to see that 🙂

A girl with a dinosaur beanie

I hope she will grow up to be very unique and more powerful than other boys!!! Enjoy your life as a girl♡

A dinosaur from the behind

Chinchilla beanie

The easy-to-follow crochet pattern for this chinchilla beanie is now available on Craftsy and Etsy!! If you are interested in, please come visit my shop below 🙂

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One of my friend has a chinchilla at her house and her chinchilla is so cute!! The combination of the chinchilla and her daughter (2 year-old girl) is just incredible. They look really cute together!! So, I thought I would make a chinchilla beanie for her.

By the way, I had never seen chinchilla before visiting her house. They look like a rabbit, but with shorter ears. They also look like a hamster, but themselves much larger and with larger ears. So, before making a cap, I searched “chinchilla” on google, and knew that they had an excellent physical ability. With about 8inch (around 20cm) body, they can run much faster than we walk and they can jump as high as 1 yard (around 1m)!!

Chinchilla beanie with an angel

Like this chinchilla, I hope that my friend’s little angel will grow up with excellent physical ability!! Till then, enjoy playing outside!! But be careful with the powerful Californian sunshine when you go out!!! Since it’s for a pretty little girl, I made a hair bow and put it on the cap!! It can be put on the chinchilla’s ear or even used alone with the girl 🙂 Enjoy being a girl ♡

Chinchilla beanie