My memorable first customer for bow earrings ♡

I’m super happy to announce that I’ve delivered a set of earrings to my first customer ♡

She saw me wearing the same earrings sometime ago, and asked me to make the same one for her!! She is really an active person and busy with her private life as well as with her business, so we couldn’t find time to meet over a cup of coffee almost for one month… and finally!! TADA!!! They are in her hands now ♡

My first customer ♡


We talked about so many things and it was really fun 🙂

She’s working as a personal color advisor, so if you’re interested in knowing yours, just be brave to contact her 🙂 Here is her blog ♡


Let me put some pictures of the earrings…

Bow earrings

Bow earrings

Bow earrings


I crocheted a gold color wire into a bow 🙂 It’s really hard to crochet a wire… but I get really excited when the outcome gets really cute!!

How it looks like on the ear


If you are also interested in the earrings, please have a look on my shop ♡


My love for bows, pearls and something feminine ♡

I love something feminine!! I love flower prints or bows ♡

I think these hair bows are one of my favorite kind 🙂 Those shapes and the center pearls are so good!!

all colors


Examples of how to wear them 🙂

Half up hair styles 🙂 The color of the bow gives you a different impression!

red bow

beige bow


You may use it on top of the ponytail!! All you need is just a plain rubber band to tie your hair and add this barrette ♡

stripes bow


I think it’s also nice to have them with your best friends  in their favorite colors 😀

black and blown bow

beige and navy bow


The backside of the bow is attached to a french barrette. Barrette itself measures 1.9″ (4.8cm) and the bow measures 4″ (10cm x 4.7cm).

the backside


I’ve been making these barrettes for my friends as gifts… My friends smily face made me so happy!!

Birthday gifts with love


Now, I’ve started selling them on my shop!! I’ll be happy if you could take a look there ♡


Special accessories for yourself ♡

Lately, I’ve been in love with making accessories. I’ve found out how exciting to play with colorful beads and wires is!!
This was one of the main reasons why I was a little bit away from blogging though… 😦 Ouch!!

This is what I designed for myself… It was my first time to wear something that has my name on!! I am really happy to wear them 🙂



I also had my hair cut shorter recently ♡ How do you think?? 😀

when I wear it...


My partner liked it and he wanted to have one for himself, so I’ve made one for him. He doesn’t wear earrings, so I’ve decided to make a charm. He uses it with keys!!

as a key holder


I’ve got some inquires if I sell them somewhere, so I’ve decided to sell them on my Etsy shop. Both earrings and a charm are available there ♡



If you like the earrings, the size is shown in the picture below- hoops measure 1.2 inches (3cm) in diameter, and the total hight 1.8 inches (4.5cm).



Both earrings and the charms are available in 5 colors 🙂 You can also chose words or names up to 4 letters!!

5 colors


If you like the charm, you can also put it on your bags, pen cases or something you like 😀

as a charm


Of course, you can use it as a pendant top!!

as a pendant top


By choosing colors and letters, you can’t find the same one in the world. So, I think this will be a nice gift for your friends, family or somebody special for you, too 🙂 ♡

I hope you will like these personalized name accessories!!


Crochet Cafe♡ Hair Bow – part 2- :)

On Friday, I held a crochet workshop for a different group of ladies 🙂

Our theme was the same with the last crochet cafe, “hair bows”. This time, it’s all started with one facebook message which I’ve got from a lady. She wrote to me that she wanted to make a hair bow for her 1-year-old daughter! How nice ♡ I liked the idea ♡

Everyone chose their favorite color of yarns, and we started working on it.

Sometime it was silent


After working for a while, we took a break. It’s been very hot these days, but we had a hot tea 🙂 Hot drinks work well both physically and mentally. We chose “SOHO” by Harney and Sons this time. I really like the flavor ♡ The sweet flavor always makes me relax 🙂

Yum ♡


I had prepared healthy treats the day before the workshop. Can you notice the bow shape on the cakes??

Ribbon Cakes


We enjoyed the relaxing break time ♡Today's treats :D


After the tea break, we knew more about each other. I could see that everyone looked so relaxed and enjoyed working on crochet as well as chatting ♡

Girls' talk :)


Three out of five ladies were moms. So, there were cute little ones!! How cute!! They looked enjoying exploring around the room! 😀

Kids likes exploring!!


Doesn’t she look like Virgin Mary…?? ♡

Virgin Mary


After working, we got bows!! From the back 🙂



TA-DA—!!! From the side!! I like this posing ♡



One lady made two bows while some others were still working on their first one !! Super fast!! One is a hair band, and the other one is a barrette 🙂 I like them both ♡

2ways of hair bow


Her color coordinate was excellent!!!

Nice color combination ♡


“Say cheese ♡”

How do they look? ♡


I like this picture 🙂 Maybe they are talking like this… 🙂

*Girl: “Yeahhhhh ♡ I’ve got my own hair bow which my mom made with lots of love in!!”
*Boy: “Mommy, where’s mine??”

We came up with the idea of making a bow tie for baby boys, so I hope he will get his bow sometime soon 🙂 ♪♪

Happy ♡


I’m now super happy that my friend had sent me a message on facebook!! Without that, I was probably doing something different that day and I might have never met her…!! We had so much fun together and I hope to know more about each other 🙂 ♡

My friend's work :)


I’ve learnt that when you think of something, it’s really important to take an action no matter how small it is. The small action makes the big difference in the end. Do you know that you will actually get bigger feeling of regret when you didn’t do “the thing” compared to the feeling you get after you did it. It’s easy not to take any actions and just to see how it goes, but if you are thinking about something, I think you should do it.

With the one step, you will be one step closer to your dream 🙂 ♡ Grab your chance and be happy ♡♡♡

Crochet cafe♡ Hair Bow :)

Today, I held a crochet workshop at home 🙂

I called it “crochet cafe” because I wanted all the participants to feel relaxed with some cups of tea and sweets and have fun while working on crochet 🙂

Our theme for today was hair bows. The first task for everyone was to chose yarn. This is one of the fun parts 🙂


We chatted a lot but sometimes we were completely quiet… making lots of knots 🙂

Working on crochet

Working on crochet


After working for 2 hours, we had some sweets with a glass of tea 🙂 A carrot jelly with fresh mint leaves which I picked from my mint pot!!

Sweets time


After a break, ladies finished their works!!! TADA!!!Their first bow was done!!

HOW DO THEY LOOK ? 🙂  ♡How do they look? Cute ♡


These two elegant hair bows were made by one lady 🙂

elegant bows


Another lady even made 3 bows in a day although it was her first time to crochet!! Great jobs 🙂

cute bows


This gray & pink bow is unique but cute!!!

Gray x pink bow


I like the red bow as well 🙂 This back shot reminds me of Kiki from “Kiki’s Delivery Service”… 😀

Red bow


Even a baby boy wears a bow!!! 🙂

A baby wears a bow


Here is another photo of this baby boy with a “Doraemon” beanie 🙂 I’m super happy that he wears it so cute!!




After the workshop, we had a nice healthy lunch which other ladies prepared and brought to my house 🙂

healthy lunch





It was really a nice day 🙂

I hope all the ladies enjoyed crocheting and got addicted to it ♡



I know that you can’t stop smiling in such a good day!! SMILE A LOT ♡♡♡

Add colors in your fashion ♡

I like summer because everyone wears more colors than in winter!! I love colorful fashions, but I also like a simple style, wearing beige, black, navy, gray and white. But still, I try to adopt at least just one bright color as an accent to my fashion 🙂

These flower colors are my favorite kinds 🙂 Just by seeing them, I feel like getting energy. Bright colors cheer me up!!

Colorful :) ♡


A while ago when I went shopping with my friend, I’ve bought a pretty makeup bag. It was “a love at a first sight” kind of thing… 🙂 Then, I’ve realized something… It really goes well with my summer hat!!! I think I really love flower prints and colors!! (If you also have the same kind of taste, here is a little bit of information about the makeup bag. I bought it at COACH in Premium Outlets. I think it costed me just around $30, so it was really reasonable!!)

My favorites


One of my suggestions to add a color easily in your style is to put a hair accessory with colors!! I quite like a bow for it.

Yellow hair bow


I often tie my hair in a ponytail. Sometimes, people tell me that they like my hair bow and they ask me if I’ve bought it at a department store in Japan. I always feel flattered although they are probably just trying to be nice to me… But in most of the cases, I take it as a compliment, and I make more for those friends 🙂

Hair bow with colors


I think putting a color bow is much better than putting a plain hair band. If you have a similar kind of color in your clothes with the hair bow, it will look more natural. Let’s see which hair bow looks more natural on the little cow??

A pink bow?

Hair bow coordinate

Or a yellow bow?

A hair bow on the cow...

Because of the red bow he wears around his neck, I think a pink bow looks better than the yellow one 🙂 So, it will be nice if you can use the similar kind of color in your fashion with the hair bow. It can be just a tiny print of the clothes, a belt, a scarf, a pair of shoes, a handbag or pretty much everything! Just think about the color coordinates 🙂


I also tried to mix more than one color!! This is cute on my chinchilla cap!! My friend likes it, so she sometimes uses it to make a ponytail and I feel super happy whenever I see that!!

Hair bow on a cap


Now, a different combination of colors. Hmmm… this reminds me of a baseball ball…? :p

Baseball-like hair bow


I think I personally prefer putting a lace in the center! Sometimes I give those hair bows as one of the gifts to my friends.

A gift to my friend


Color yourself and color your life!!! Enjoy the summer ♡

Here Summer Comes!! Ponytail With A Pretty Bow??

This week, it was hot here in California. According to the weather forecast, it reached up to the mid-90 F… Oh, I couldn’t stand staying under the sun, so I’ve dedicated a lot of my time to do another tutorial here.

Since it’s getting hot recently, I put my hair up in a ponytail almost everyday. So, I assume that there are lots of girls who need this hair bow now!! I’m trying to put more effort on making it easier for everyone to understand. I hope you will like it! Well, let’s get started 🙂

Hair bow Tutorial


Worsted Weight Yarn (Medium 4)

  • Red: BERNAT Satin (CRIMSON)


Size G(4mm) Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle
(Safety pin)


If you follow the instruction below, it will be around 4″ width. If you want something bigger, you can increase a number of ch in the step 1 and increase the number os sc in the following rows.


*** It’s easier to start every row with 1 ch and to end each row with a slip stitch since you will see where you started the row which you are working on.

*** I like the seamless surface, so in this tutorial, I take this method. You just have to keep going, but it may be difficult to see where you started the row (especially when you are working on even rows). So, it’s better to use a safety pin to mark the first stitch of each row.


  1. ch 9
    • Ch 8 as a foundation of the oblong, and the extra ch 1
    • You will treat “the 2nd ch (from the hook)” and “the last ch” as “the increasing zone”
    • You will just make 1 sc for the middle 6 st

    Step 1 : Ch 9

  2. 2 sc in the 2nd st from the hook, 1 sc for the next 6 st, 5 sc in the next st, 1 sc for the next 6  st, 3 sc in the next st (same st with the st you made 2 sc at the beginning) (22 sc)
    Step 2:
  3. 2 sc around in the increasing zone. (2 sc for the 1st 2 st,  1 sc for the next 6 st, 2 sc in the next 5 st, 1 sc for the following 6  st, 2 sc for the next 3 st) (32 sc)
    Step 3 :
  4. 2 sc, 1 sc around in the increasing zone. ((2 sc, 1 sc) twice, 1 sc for the next 6 st, (2 sc, 1 sc) 5 times, 1 sc for the following 6  st,(2 sc, 1 sc) 3 times) (42 sc)
    Step 4 :
  5. 1 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc around in the increasing zone. ((1 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc) twice, 1 sc  for the next 6 st, (1 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc) 5 times, 1 sc for the following 6  st, (1 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc) 3 times) (52 sc)
    Step 5 :
  6. 1 sc around (52 sc)
    Step 6 :
  7. 1 sc around (52 sc)
    Step 7 :
  8. 1 slip stitch (sl-st) around (52 sl-st)
    Step 8 :
  9. Cut the yarn and bring the yarn to the very center of the backside with a yarn needle
    Step 9 :
  10. Shape “M”, leaving the center and the both ends to low, and making somewhere in the middle (around Row 4) high. Sew a little bit with the yarn to keep the form.
    Step 10 :
  11. Here, we’ll work on the center ring. ch 14 and make a loop by joining to the 1st st with sl-st
    Step 11 :
  12. 2nd row: sc around (14 sc)
    Step 12 :
  13. 3rd row: sc around (14 sc)
    Step 13 :
  14. Cut the yarn, leaving some length (enough with 10″). Trim the both ends with a yarn needle. Leave the long end yarn.
    • I recommend to tie  those two strings together, just in case, before cutting off the short yarn (shown in the picture).

    Step 14 :

  15. Put the oblong (you made at Step 10) through into the center ring.
    Step 15 :
  16. Insert a string of elastic hair band into the center ring and bind it up.
    Step 16 :
  17. Sew the backside of the bow with the yarn needle. At this point, it’s better to hide the joint point of the hair band.
    Step 17 :
  18. Trim the rest of the yarn, and it’s DONE!!!
    Hair bow Done!!


If you are with me till here, thank you so much for your patience!! It was challenging for me to explain the flow with lots of photos, but I hope many people will find it easier to understand this tutorial and eventually enjoy making a bow for the summer!!

You can also use the bow as a decoration of your bags, clothes or hats!! Please enjoy customizing it as you like!!

I will always be happy to see your works ♡ Please feel free to leave comments or questions 🙂