My FAVORITE Feminine Pearl Earrings

Today, I’ve added a new pattern on my pattern shop. This is how they look like 🙂 I think with those pearls and those elegant colors of tiny threads, they add an elegant atmosphere on you.


This is how it looks like on me. I love the beige color, so I pick up that color for myself.


I’ve made some other colors of earrings to one of my best friend and her mom ♡


I’ve poured a lot of efforts and love in making the 9 pages of PDF pattern files, so I’ll be happy if they will brings lots of smily faces on beautiful ladies all over the world!! I’ve explained every details of the crocheting part as well as the beading part with many photos, so I think this project is suitable for everybody 🙂 ♡

With just a little portion of threads and pearls and within a few hours of creative work, you will get a gorgeous earrings 😀


The easy-to-follow crochet pattern for the feminine pearl earrings is now available on Craftsy and Etsy!! If you are interested in, please come visit my shop below 🙂

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Happy crocheting ♡

Ladies' party! Bracelet making

Today, I held a bracelet making workshop 😀 There were 7 ladies and 3 babies, so I had to arrange the dining/living room a little bit but it was really nice 🙂 Actually, I like how we set the table, so I’m keeping it for now 😀


All of them are wives of their husband and mothers of their children (except for me), and they are good at cooking! So, during the workshop at lunch time, we had delicious lunch which everybody brought one dish. It was so good.


Now, let me introduce my friends’ works 😀
Black thin leather x blue & yellow beads. She was also making one with black leather and pink beads for her daughter. It seems to be so nice to have a daughter since you can make the same accessories for your little ones ♡


Brown leather x wood & turquoise blue & brown beads. This is really warm 🙂 I like it especially with her red cardigan ♡


Beige thin cord x pearl & turquoise blue & wood beads. This is elegant especially because she chose the thinner cord 🙂 I like those colors she chose ♡


Brown leather x black & blue beads. She actually put some orange gold and other colors as well. Her style was very original and unique!! I like her color orders 😀


Brown leather x brown & turquoise blue beads. (The upper one in the picture below.) It was her second time to make this bracelet, and she did better than the last time!! I like her new works as well 😀 Actually, those two go really well together ♡


Brown leather x pearl & wood & orange gold beads. I’m super surprised that this goes really well with her own bracelet which she had bought in Hawaii. She really knows her tastes, which is nice 🙂 ♡


Beige leather x turquoise blue & orange gold & pearl beads. This is feminine ♡ She told me that her two-year-old boy told her that “it’s cute”… so adorable 😀 ♡
I forgot to take hers on my camera, so I asked her to send a picture to me 🙂


After everybody made their own bracelets, we had tea break with tasty sweets.


Everybody together! 🙂 …although we missed 2 of us…


My friend successfully made a ring as well! How nice 🙂


It’s always fun to create things with people you love ♡ I hope everybody had a nice time today. Well, I had a very good time ♡♡♡

Add colors around your wrists :D

Today, I’ve hosted my first workshop in 2015 😀

Our theme was to make wrapped bracelets!! What we had to do was really simple, just to wrap beads around a cord, but it wasn’t so easy to choose a leather cord, strings and beads. How you put them together makes a big difference!!

We had fun working on those tiny beads.


Today’s tea-time was a cup of tea (“BOSTON” from HARNEY&SONS) with “green-tea rolled cake” and “black sesame pudding”, which I made!! I’m so happy when my friends like my sweets 🙂 Those are our family’s favorites for now 😀


After 4 hours of concentration, my 3 students had finished making their own bracelets!
Brown leather x brown & gold beads. This is gorgeous!! I think the choice of brown has added a feminine atmosphere.


Black leather x black & brown beads. It goes well with her style. It’s simple but somehow deep because of the combination of two colors, I think.


Beige leather x white pearl & turquoise blue & wood color beads. This is absolutely cute!! I’d love to wear it especially at around the beach 😀


Here, everybody together!! It’s interesting to see how things becomes different just by the choice of colors!! One of the best things about “hand-made” is that we can choose the color, I think.


I hope my lovely friends have enjoyed making them 😀 ♡