Tassel workshop!!

Upon my friend’s request, I hosted a tassel making workshop today πŸ™‚

You can make many things with tassels. You can make accessories, charms and napkin rings!

Napkin ring


The first step is to chose colors. The color combination is really important! I prepared many options for them πŸ™‚

Step 1. Chose strings.


My ladiesΒ worked really well!! I introduced a little bit of crochet techniques, chain stitches.

How we worked.


Here areΒ one lady’s works. Quite simple but elegant πŸ™‚

My friend's tassel


Another lady’s works. Colorful!! I like how she used beads as well πŸ™‚

My friend's tassel


The other’s. Gorgeous!!

My friend's tassel


Then, I also tried some new materials… How do you think? πŸ˜€ I used a yarn from Italy!!!
My friend said it came out cute, but my husband didn’t like this one… 😦

My tassel


I enjoyed seeing how people use colors and combine parts!!Β I really had a good timeΒ πŸ™‚

Now summer is almost gone and a cooler season is coming… I guess making tassels can be a good way of spending your free time πŸ˜€

My memorable first customer for bow earrings β™‘

I’m super happy to announce that I’ve delivered a set of earrings to my first customer β™‘

She saw me wearing the same earrings sometime ago, and asked me to make the same one for her!! She is really an active person and busy with her private life as well as with her business, so we couldn’t find time to meet over a cup of coffee almost for one month… and finally!! TADA!!! They are in her hands now β™‘

My first customer β™‘


We talked about so many things and it was really fun πŸ™‚

She’s working as a personal color advisor, so if you’re interested in knowing yours, just be brave to contact her πŸ™‚ Here is her blog β™‘


Let me put some pictures of the earrings…

Bow earrings

Bow earrings

Bow earrings


I crocheted a gold color wire into a bow πŸ™‚ It’s really hard to crochet a wire… but I get really excited when the outcome gets really cute!!

How it looks like on the ear


If you are also interested in the earrings, please have a look on my shop β™‘


My love for bows, pearls and something feminine β™‘

I love something feminine!! I love flower prints or bows β™‘

I think these hair bows are one of my favorite kind πŸ™‚ Those shapes and the center pearls are so good!!

all colors


Examples of how to wear them πŸ™‚

Half up hair styles πŸ™‚ The color of the bow gives you a different impression!

red bow

beige bow


You may use it on top of the ponytail!! All you need is just a plain rubber band to tie your hair and add this barrette β™‘

stripes bow


I think it’s also nice to have them with your best friends Β in their favorite colors πŸ˜€

black and blown bow

beige and navy bow


The backside of the bow is attached to a french barrette. Barrette itself measures 1.9″ (4.8cm) and the bow measures 4″ (10cm x 4.7cm).

the backside


I’ve been making these barrettes for my friends as gifts… My friends smily face made me so happy!!

Birthday gifts with love


Now, I’ve started selling them on my shop!! I’ll be happy if you could take a look there β™‘