3 weeks after our 1st crochet class of the chair mat lessons, we got together and had a 2nd class. I was excited to see that everyone had beautifully made the flower motifs by then!!



Each looks really different just by how they put colors together 🙂


The blue, black and gray version is made after her (Lady A) son’s soccer club team colors. We thought it would look more boy-like, but actually, they came out really cute. They even reminded us of “marimekko”. I hope she’ll make another one with red as well 😀 I’d love to see it ♡

The dark green, light green and white version is made to match her (Lady B) couch colors. To my surprise, she almost finished making 3 color variations in these 3 weeks! I can’t wait to see her finished work 🙂

The light blue, white and purple version is made for herself (Lady C). She loves light blue and I think the colors remind me of “FROZEN”!!! I’m sure girls will love it ♡



As always, it was super fun to crochet at a bright space with a cup of tea and some sweets when the sun is there 🙂


In the lesson, our goal was to joint 7 flower petals together. And now, to joint all the petals and hopefully finish up the edge is their homework by the end of March!!

I’m very much looking forward to receiving their finished items’ photos ♡

Thank you for joining the class 😀 Happy crocheting ♡

Workshop – flower shaped something

I’ve held a workshop again on the same topic with the last time – a wall hanging garland. But this time, nobody made a garland… One of them made a flower coaster and the others made an appliqué. They came out really cute 🙂

What a peaceful time we had!! 🙂 (I always think that mom is a really tough job…!! But this photo makes me really happy ♡)


Everybody worked so hard and they made more than 5 peaces per each 🙂 GOOD JOB!!


This little one had been a very good boy!! Seems like my little people liked him a lot 😀 ♡


Thanks for coming, ladies!! Practice makes perfect!! I hope you will enjoy crocheting more and more 🙂 Happy crocheting♡

Decorating Louis Vuitton Bag

One of my friends asked me if I can make her a set of handle covers for her Louis Vuitton bag. She told me that  the leather absorbed the sweat/oil and other things and the handle parts got darker as she always used that. So, she was looking for handle covers which were removable and washable.

According to her request, I’ve started making a handle cover for her gorgeous bag. We went to a yarn shop together to get ideal colors of yarns.

Now I’d like to share with you how I’ve decorated those handles. This is the original bag.


I’ve made those handle covers as how my friend has ordered to me. After I’ve crocheted the covers and sewed the pink pearls, I and my friend sewed the zippers together, one for each.


She wanted to put flowers to decorate one side of the handle, so I’ve made them 🙂


Finally, we’ve got those covers.


She decided to make the flowers removable as well. This is how the bag looks like without the flowers.


Then, this is how it looks like with the flowers!!


I’m happy since my client is very happy with them 😀
The best thing about handmade is you can get what you want!!

I’m super satisfied with the outcome!! Happy crocheting ♡

What I love to wear in the kitchen ♡

Do you wear an apron when you cook? I almost always wear my apron in the kitchen!! Why do I wear it? A part of the reason might be because I always make a mess when I cook, but the main reason is because I feel very motivated to cook when I wear it.

My sister asked me to make one for her some time ago, but I hadn’t done it until very recently when I had made up my mind. Yes. Let’s make an apron for my lovely sister!!!

I am a very beginner with the sewing machine so that I can’t do anything fancy or complicated… So, I’ve decided to imitate one of the simple aprons from my apron collection.

The image of the apron I’d like to make has been decided, using pink dots fabric as an accent.


Okay. Let’s start! First, to cut the flower print fabric. As you can see, I used my apron as a pattern.


I was so lazy that I just folded the fabric in the center and cut them together. Now, I have the symmetric fabric 😀


Here, the sewing part begins. I started with the tiny parts, to make pink dots’ strings.


The most complicated part in this apron was probably the neck part…?


Then, after working on it little by little, my apron is done!!


I hope my sister will like this apron, and this will make her cooking time enjoyable!! 😀


Wow… sewing is a lot of fun and I can see a lot of potential!! I have a lot of things to learn on it but I’m looking forward to exploring a lot more with my sewing machine ♡