Lovely flower cushion

I have something that I’ve wanted to upload here, but it took me time to do that since my parents were visiting me here in California from Japan. We went to lots of places together!! I just quickly want to share the most beautiful scenery we’ve seen together at Big Sur. I’d never seen a waterfall falling into the ocean anywhere before!! If you are planning a trip in the west coast, I think this is a kind of place you’d better visit!!


Now, finally, please let me introduce my new works here. TA-DA—-!!! They are beautiful cushions made with lots of flowers!! I’ve asked my little people to help me to introduce the works. I haven’t even introduced my little people, have I? Let me introduce them properly to you some other time!!


I’ve combined some colors of yarns which I had at home. One is with light-green, purple, navy and gray.


The other is with orange, pink, white and light-pink. These are more like my kind of colors, but I also liked the other one 🙂


I normally place them on the stools.


… but, I think my little people like to lay down on the cushion 😀 They look as if they are laying down in the field of flowers!!


I think it will be cute to make a cushion cover with those flowers although I don’t know if I’ll do that since it takes me quite lots of time to make lots of flowers …


Thanks to the pattern on a Japanese creator, ayuca-san, I’ve enjoyed making them 😀

Happy crocheting ♡

Add colors in your fashion ♡

I like summer because everyone wears more colors than in winter!! I love colorful fashions, but I also like a simple style, wearing beige, black, navy, gray and white. But still, I try to adopt at least just one bright color as an accent to my fashion 🙂

These flower colors are my favorite kinds 🙂 Just by seeing them, I feel like getting energy. Bright colors cheer me up!!

Colorful :) ♡


A while ago when I went shopping with my friend, I’ve bought a pretty makeup bag. It was “a love at a first sight” kind of thing… 🙂 Then, I’ve realized something… It really goes well with my summer hat!!! I think I really love flower prints and colors!! (If you also have the same kind of taste, here is a little bit of information about the makeup bag. I bought it at COACH in Premium Outlets. I think it costed me just around $30, so it was really reasonable!!)

My favorites


One of my suggestions to add a color easily in your style is to put a hair accessory with colors!! I quite like a bow for it.

Yellow hair bow


I often tie my hair in a ponytail. Sometimes, people tell me that they like my hair bow and they ask me if I’ve bought it at a department store in Japan. I always feel flattered although they are probably just trying to be nice to me… But in most of the cases, I take it as a compliment, and I make more for those friends 🙂

Hair bow with colors


I think putting a color bow is much better than putting a plain hair band. If you have a similar kind of color in your clothes with the hair bow, it will look more natural. Let’s see which hair bow looks more natural on the little cow??

A pink bow?

Hair bow coordinate

Or a yellow bow?

A hair bow on the cow...

Because of the red bow he wears around his neck, I think a pink bow looks better than the yellow one 🙂 So, it will be nice if you can use the similar kind of color in your fashion with the hair bow. It can be just a tiny print of the clothes, a belt, a scarf, a pair of shoes, a handbag or pretty much everything! Just think about the color coordinates 🙂


I also tried to mix more than one color!! This is cute on my chinchilla cap!! My friend likes it, so she sometimes uses it to make a ponytail and I feel super happy whenever I see that!!

Hair bow on a cap


Now, a different combination of colors. Hmmm… this reminds me of a baseball ball…? :p

Baseball-like hair bow


I think I personally prefer putting a lace in the center! Sometimes I give those hair bows as one of the gifts to my friends.

A gift to my friend


Color yourself and color your life!!! Enjoy the summer ♡

A Small Cute Photographer :)

The easy-to-follow crochet pattern for this pretty cotton summer hat is now available on Craftsy and Etsy!! If you are interested in, please come visit my shop below 🙂


button_craftsy button_etsy 


The other day, I made a summer hat with cotton yarns. It came out pretty, and I put a pink lace tape to decorate the hat.

PInk Lace Tape Around The Hat

I wanted to give it to my friend’s daughter, so I wanted to decorate it how she would like it. My friend told me that her daughter loved yellow, so I decided to add some yellow color.

Pink Lace Tape with Some Flowers

Then, I thought it would be nice to add more colors, and this is how the hat is now!! We can’t see the pink tape anymore… but I like it so much 😀

Flower Hat

Now, a little cutie wears the hat. How cute!!! I’m so happy to see my hat worn by the others!! But it was a bit big for her… maybe she will be able to wear it for another 5 years or so… 😀

From the front :)

We went out to a park to play and she took my camera and turned out to be a great photographer!! It’s interesting to see how kids see the world!!

A flower girl into a photo

So, these amazing photos of the cutie are taken by her mom with her camera!! She has a great eye for making great photographs of her daughter 🙂 Moms are great!!

A girl with a camera

Let’s go out a lot this summer 😀

My Summer Hat with My Personal Colors

The easy-to-follow crochet pattern for this summer hat with jute is now available on Craftsy and Etsy!! If you are interested in, please come visit my shop below 🙂
button_craftsy button_etsy


Lately, I’ve been making some caps for babies and kids. Then, I’ve realized that I hadn’t made even one for myself, so I decided to make my summer hat. Since I’m making one just for my own, I wanted to make something special to me. I love flower printed things, so the concept is lots of flowers with my favorite colors. My favorite colors are pink, orange and some other warm colors.

Speaking of colors, I visited a color-therapist a few weeks ago. She placed lost of colored fabrics below my face and she told me that my personal colors belong to “Spring type” and especially these colors shown in the picture below. My best color is Salmon Pink, which is one of my favorite color!! So, I thought I would pick up some colors from them for my hat, then it would look good on me… 🙂

My personal colors My personal best color

The outcome is this. I put a sunflower in the middle, which is a symbol of summer. This hat brightens me up 😀 I’m really satisfied with my work now 🙂 By the way, “Natsu” in Japanese means “summer”, and as some of you might have guessed it, I was born in summer and I love summer.

My Summer Hat

<Okay, now I have a hat to protect my face from the sunshine, so I’m ready to go everywhere 🙂 My first summer in California is waiting for me ♡♡♡

My Summer Hat

Color my life with lots of love :)

I am a wife of a man, who went to the same high school in Japan. We have just got married and have been planning to have kids sometime in the future (maybe in 2-3 years from now). I’ve always loved babies and kids. They are always cute and nobody doubts it.

After I got married and moved to California, America, my life has changed completely. Before, I was a workaholic and I rarely cooked or made anything by myself, but I now love cooking and making handmade things.I learned crochet when I was very little from my mom, and started exploring a lot more after getting married to my husband. I’m so into creating some pretty things for myself, my family and people I love. Crochet has become one of my passion. Designing everything from a scratch and creating what I love to who I love is so much fun!!!


I believe that “LOVE is much more precious than MONEY”. This is why I started making things by myself. I’d love to decorate my life with what I’ve made with lots of love 🙂

The more I’ve worked on my projects, the more I’ve felt to share them with other people. This is why I started this blog. I would like this place to be a showcase for my works and where I can post many other things. I hope many girls, parents, parents-to-be and all the others will enjoy and get inspired while visiting my blog 🙂