Welcome bear at the wedding reception in Japan

I was back in Japan from middle of September for a little less than a month till early October.

The main purpose of this trip was to attend my friends’ wedding party. Of course, I’ve enjoyed the stay there and I went to visit lots of beautiful places and fancy craft shops, as well as great restaurants. So, I hope I will get other chances to show you how it was like 🙂

Anyway, my friend, the bride, had asked me to make a welcome bear for her wedding reception. (In Japan, it’s common to put stuffed animals or dolls at the entrance of the wedding reception to welcome guests in stead of the bride and gloom.)

I was so happy to have received this request from her!!

I asked her what kind of dolls she would like and she sent me some images that she took somewhere online. This is one of the images she sent me.


I rushed into a fabric shop, and bought a white fabric. And then, I played with the fabric… voila!!


It looks ugly before putting the stuffing… right? hihihi 😀 Here are steps to show you how I’ve made it.


Then, I cut off the area that I didn’t need.


Then, I flipped it inside out and put in the stuffing. Voila!!


Actually, I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of my outcomes, so I’ve made quite some of them.


By the way, I still have some of them at home… 🙂
Anyway, from them, I’ve picked up two of my favorite cuties. And I’ve made them dressed up 😀


Since the first gift my friend has got from her husband was a necklace from Van Cleef & Arpels, I’ve made the same necklace for the doll 🙂 I hope they’ve noticed it!! (By the way, I was really surprised to see how expensive the real one was!!)

I was happy to have seen them at the their entrance hall of their wedding reception ♡

wedding entrance

I do hope their love will last forever!!
Happy wedding again, for my dear friend ♡

Baby shower cake! and a surprise party!

This week, I and my six other friends got together for a potluck lunch party. We secretly planned to hold a “surprise baby shower party” there since one of us was expecting a baby boy within a month!!

I was happy to have a role to prepare a baby shower cake!! It was my first time to bake a cake for that purpose, so I enjoyed thinking about the designs of the cake… This is a rough sketch of what I thought would be cute for a cake. I’m leaving this photo for a next occasion!


I wanted to bake a base cake the day before, but I was super busy and couldn’t do that beforehand. So, I prepared everything in the morning of the party day.

Since I only had less than 3 hours to prepare, I decided to go for something simple but cute. This is the cake I’ve prepared.


One of my mottos for a cake decoration is to use artificial things as less as possible. So, I used blueberries for the eyes and nose, strawberries for the cheeks, whipped creams mixed with chai-tea and chopped chocolates for the hair and melted chocolates for the other part!!

Luckily, I wasn’t late for the potluck lunch party. I arrived in time 🙂


Everyone prepared really good foods!! I enjoyed all of them 😀


This is how I put everything on my plate… 🙂 We all ate a lot and talked a lot!!

After the lunch, of course, we had a dessert time! And TADAAAAAA!!!

I and the other friend secretly prepared the cake and the baby shower balloons in the kitchen, and we said “Please clap your hands now!!! Congratulation xxx for the baby boy!!”

We wanted her to be very happy to receive this surprise party, and she started crying… ♡


It was successful!!


We’ve stuffed with lots of sweet things and sweet feelings! 🙂


It’s always so good to have happy friends around us ♡ I hope our friendship will last forever!!!