Archangel Holiday Boutique 2016

We held a fundraising event, Archangel Holiday Boutique 2016, on October 7th and 8th 2016. I’d been preparing for this boutique for one year as one of the organizers, starting from December 2015. Finally, we finished two event days in a success 🙂

There were 3 organizers, and we had meetings once or twice per month. There were several difficulties in proceeding the event preparation, but over all, I’ve enjoyed doing them. We picked up over 20 high quality local artists, scattered flyers and post cards in down towns across the Bay Area, and made new website and kept posting on SNS pages.

The event venue preparation was also a lot of work, but the main organizer did really a great job about it. I personally enjoyed decorating the venue 2-3 days before the event dates.


Making lots of decorations


We’ve made banner. I like it 🙂

On the event days, I was working as a cashier, and greeted guests. Thanks to the gorgeous weather, I had suntanned… oops…


I also worked as one of the artists. I even had my booth there 🙂


NatsuDesign booth at the boutique 🙂


My most popular item was this “made of cotton” pearl jewelry 🙂

I loved talking to customers face to face, and giving some advices!!


Hope she loves her pearl necklaces now 🙂

The venue looked really beautiful.


I’ve made some new artist friends 🙂 With my favorite artists -an owner of Aplat, a culinary tote store, and that of Flowie, an original textile bags and accessory products.


I’m so happy to have spent my whole year to this fundraising event!! Our goal, to raise funds in support of local foster children and to spread awareness of the current need for more volunteer mentors, seems to be ended up in a good results 🙂


With volunteer stuffs and great local artists 😀

I won’t be joining in the organizer team for 2017 since I’ll be very busy with my own life, but hope this event will continue for good cause!!

Holiday Boutique 2015 in Los Altos

I helped to run “Holiday Boutique 2015” as one of the organizers this year. We did that to raise awareness of what CASA, Child Advocates of Silicon Valley, was doing and also for fund-raising. I’ve heard that there are more than 1,600 foster children in Santa Clara county only and they definitely need more volunteers to help those children.

We started planning the event from June and had several meetings for 5 months. It was a lot more work than I’ve expected but now when it’s finished, I’m so relieved and I feel so happy that I’ve done this. I’m happy that I have spent quite a bit of my time for a good cause!!

Also, I’ve found out that there are so many kind and generous people out there!! Some people have helped to advertise our events, some people spent extra money on donation and so on.

With nearly 15 other local artists, I’ve also displayed many types of jewelry there. It was so interesting to see what types of things were popular.


Now, I have to rearrange my Etsy shop according to my survey!! I need to add things that were popular on the event day!

What really interesting to me was to connect with other local artists!! It’s always nice to be connected to nice people 😀

I haven’t hold any workshops for several months now, but one big event is over. So, I’m happy to do something for my craft passionate friends 🙂


I’m now very motivated for our next year’s event. I hope we will make this boutique more exciting places!!

If any of you are interested to run the event with us as a volunteer, please contact me 🙂