Elmo Strawberry manufacturing :)

Let’s decorate your cake with some fancy strawberries!! I’m sure everybody will love them!! Tutorial Elmo Strawberry

Prepare all the ingredients and tools, and let’s get started 🙂


◇ Ingredients 

  • Strawberries
  • White chocolates chips (for eyes)
  • Orange button shaped chocolates (for noses)
  • Dark colored chocolates (for the eyes and mouthes)
  • Whipped cream


◇ Tools 

  • Knife
  • Baking sheet
  • 2 bowls


◇ Recipe ◇

Step 1. Wash strawberries very well. Then, take off the stem and cut the bottom part of the strawberries slightly diagonally (so that strawberries can stand by themselves and they can show their faces).

**In the picture below, you will notice strawberries slightly tilting toward their back.

Put chocolates on Strawberries

Step 2. Put 2 white chocolate chips and 1 orange chocolate nicely on the strawberries, using whipped cream as a glue.

Step 3. Melt dark color chocolates. Put dark color chocolates in a bowl, and you will put a warm water into another bowl below that bowl. (Make sure not to let the water come into the chocolates bowl!!)

Step 4. Roll one sheet of baking sheet nicely into circle so that you can use it as a chocolate pen. It will be better if you roll the edge sharp with just a tiny hole for the chocolate to come out. Pour melted chocolates (made at step 3) into the pen-shaped baking sheet.

Step 5. Draw black eyes with the chocolate pen made at step 4 in the white chocolates. You may also draw their mouthes.

Make black eyes with chocolates

Step 6. You will put whipped cream on your favorite cakes, and put your sweet Elmo strawberries!! Done ♡

Done- Elmo!!

Aren’t they too cute to eat?? It’s a little bit of effort, but your cup cake will look a lot more prettier than just normal strawberries on, isn’t it??
Happy tea time with extra smiles 😀 ♡♡♡

How could you resist him?

Curiosity is good

After Cookie Monster, I couldn’t resist making Elmo!! How do you think of him? 🙂

Elmo Beanie

Here is as usual the cap on my stuffed cow. You know Elmo is really curious about everything. As we grow up older, we may tend not to ask often… In my case, if the topic seems difficult, then I easily give up to know more in detail… Maybe I should behave as Elmo does!!

Baby beanie: Elmo BeanieElmo Baby Beanie on my stuffed cow

I can’t wait to see cute babies wear them with big smiles 😀 Boys and girls!! Be curious as Elmo is 🙂Baby Beanie: Friends from Sesame Street

A cookie on your head?

I love Cookie Monster the best in Sesame Street!! So, the first project of my character beanie from this series is Cookie Monster 🙂

I watched it when I was young, but I don’t remember the details at all… But we have lots of the character goods sold in a shop, so he is very familiar to me. Especially, I’m a huge fan of sweets (chocolates and cookies), so he has something common with me 🙂

Cookie Monster Beanie

I like his fluffy hairs, so I’ve tried to present them 🙂 It worked!!

Me want coookie! Me eat cookie!Cookie Monster Beanie on my stuffed cow

Here is how my little boy wears it 🙂 My cow has never eaten cookies, but it seems like he is feeling like to have one as well!!! Happy sweets time ♡♡♡