Be environmentally friendly :)

TGIF ♡ The weekend is coming!! Have you planned your weekend already? For those who haven’t decided, I would like to suggest a DIY idea today 🙂

Maybe some of you might be wondering what I was about to say with the blog title… 🙂 I am thinking that some of you are a big fan of fast fashion and buy lots of new clothes every season. I can’t deny that I am one of them… but I thought I could still try to be environmentally friendly by recycling the old clothes!!

What do you usually do with your clothes that you already don’t want? I thought making something new with those clothes 😀 It’s fun to work on them 🙂 ♡


♡♡♡ Well, let’s get started ♡♡♡


1. Prepare a shirt or any kind of clothes that you don’t wear anymore.

This is my husband’s old shirt. I’ve already worked on this, so this shirt doesn’t look right anymore… lol

A shirt my husband doesn't wear anymore




2. Cut the clothes as shown in the picture. Please do not cut off and make the string as long as possible.

I’ve cut them in about 1cm (0.4″) width.

Cut the shirt


3. Start working on crocheting. You may want to use a bigger hook.

I used the crochet hook size 15 (10mm). I decided to make a circle with single crochet.

Crocheting with the unique strings


4. DONE 😀

I made a pot mat and decorated it with my cute bow 🙂 The tutorial for the bow is here ♡

Don’t you think this print actually makes a nice impression on the outcome? 😀

Cute :)


5. You may want to use the clothes for some decoration purpose.

This is one of my early works, but it’s cute and I like it ♡

Another thing a shirt could change into


Now, do you have any idea for your weekend DIY project? Have fun and enjoy your weekend ♡

I think I will think of some other way of changing clothes into something nice!! When I have new ideas, I will for sure post them 🙂

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