I made a lovely tulle skirt :)

I like skirts though I don’t really wear them… Here in California, I rarely find the type of skirt that I like. So, I decided to make one that I like!!

I wish I could make whatever clothes that I like, but I’m just a beginner with sewing, so things don’t work that way. I bought a kit for the tulle skirt in Japan (almost a year ago…!!), which came with a tulle fabric and one other fabric with a simple instruction paper. This costed about $30, so you may actually find a skirt with the same price…

tulle skirt kit

The sewing part was rather easy. Most of the parts, I just had to sew straight.

skirt making-1

The steps that I found quite difficult was to cut the materials straight. I had to do the ironing quite often…

skirt making-2

The tulle fabrics… oh it was terrible since I couldn’t do the ironings on that fabrics, so I had to cut, and keep trimming… so finally, when it got the straight edge, the length was shorter than what the instruction said :p

So, when I saw everything together, the tulle part was shorter than the other (as shown in the picture below)… Anyway, I didn’t like the length of the skirt since it was a little too long for me, so I adjusted the length.

skirt making 3

Now, I have this skirt!! I’d probably wear like this ? 🙂

skirt with others

I’m so happy to get the skirt that I like 🙂 I’d probably try to make more with other kind of fabrics and colors!!

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